Have you ever seen a tankless water heater? They’re pretty cool and when I bought my house, I was pretty excited to have one! Of course, I didn’t research anything about them and didn’t realize that they required maintenance every 6 months. Cut to a year later (I bet you can guess where this is going):

That water was definitely not supposed to be a feature of the house!

After a very long process and a new $5,000 tankless water heater, I needed something to help me remember important things like maintenance! Enter Informant.

With the ability to create a Home Tasks project, I was able to add all of the tasks I forget I need to do. I can make each task repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or every year. (Remember when your parents were the only ones who had to remember this stuff?!)

Since Informant gives me the option to add not only notes, but photos as well, I can keep track of everything I need to do to make sure my basement stays dry!

Get more details on creating projects here:

Don’t forget that if you use a repair person for any of these chores, you can use our Email to Task Feature when the company emails you an appointment reminder.

To find out how to use Email to Task you can get more information right here:

Being a homeowner can be scary. You and your wallet are now in charge of anything that comes your way! Informant can help you keep track of all of those things that you thought weren’t important until they cost you a lot of money! Take a lesson from me and help keep the water in the water heater where it belongs!