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Tips for using the URL field with events & tasks

The Add URL field within Informant *events and tasks has many ways it can be used. See the following examples: Make a phone call: tel:Eg, tel://4445557777 - when clicked a popup will appear that will ask if you'd like to contact that number Go to a websiteEg,...

Email to Task Feature

Email to Task Feature

Email to task is a robust feature in Informant that allows a user to easily create a task with customized properties that contains the entire body of an email in both rich text and basic text formats. If you ever find yourself receiving an email and then opening...

iOS 15 5.72 Beta Invite

iOS 15 5.72 Beta Invite

We have been hard at work this year ensuring that we keep up to date with operating system updates. iOS 15 was just released to the general public, and we welcome users to test our 5.72 beta release to make sure that all is going well.  To join iOS beta...