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Why Use Informant? A Choose Your Own Adventure!

It can be tough to choose a Calendar and Task app that fits all of your needs. Why use Informant when you can easily use the native calendar and task apps that are already installed on your device? We've made a handy comparison...

Send Your Adventurers on an Orc Hunt with Informant!

Being a Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master requires a lot of preparation and organization. Keeping up with monster stats, player availability, and game times can become a jumbled mess. Informant can help keep your games on time and your table full. Knowing when...

I’d like a room with a Calendar View, please

I’d like a room with a Calendar View, please

Informant offers several different calendar views that provide distinct ways to display your information. With options like the ability to color specific dates, and the capacity to add filtered views, we make your calendars glanceable and customizable to your...