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Informant for iOS

Informant for iOS for managing all your Calendars, Tasks, and Projects. It is the original planner in your pocket and the ultimate personal organization app for iOS. Super easy to setup, works with all your existing calendars and trusted for over a decade.

Informant for macOS

Informant for macOS brings your favorite Pocket Informant features (Calendar, Tasks, Projects) to your Mac. It’s easy to setup and stay organized with all of your existing calendar accounts, or use with Informant Sync to stay connected across devices. One time purchase for Informant for macOS, subscription required for Informant Sync.

Informant Sync

A complete sync solution for Pocket Informant owners, created to be 100%, feature-for-feature compatible with the mobile applications. Informant Sync stores a backup of your information in the cloud and provides for syncing data that Microsoft & Google won’t sync such as tags, icons, and smart filters across your Informant apps on iOS, mac, or Android.

Informant for Android

Manage all your Calendars, Tasks, and Projects on your Android device. Organize calendars from and tasks in a single app. Super easy to setup, works with all your existing calendars and trusted for over a decade.

You asked, we answered! Let’s check out the Web Calendar!

Try it today! Informant for Web is a great platform for our PC users and our Mac users without the MacOS Informant application. And now you have access to your entire Informant Sync Calendar View! While having a...

We’ve got everything AND the Informant Sync.

Try Sync today Issues with your sync can be super frustrating so I'm going to share some information on how sync works to make sure you're syncing across all of your devices! The first thing you want to do is make sure that you are fully logged into your...

Time to trick-or-treat yourself with Pocket Informant free subscription time!🎃👻🍂

Download the app It's time to lift your 👻spirits👻 with some free subscription time! From October 31st through November 4th we want to see how you're using Pocket Informant to keep your web of fall activities untangled! Follow us on social media and let...

Bet your Autumn dollar, fall is our favorite season! 🍁

Leaf it to Informant It's that time of year again. The leaves are falling, pumpkin spice is added to everything, and there's that one section of the store that has Christmas decorations out. Wait your turn, Santa! We're trying to hang skeletons and jump in...

🌽The new icon selector is A-maize-ing🌽

😊 Try it today! 😄 Our icon options have changed for iOS in version 5.84! Gone are the days where you had to scroll through each individual icon category and find the one you wanted. We now welcome the ability to search for specific emojis within the...

Try NLP for speedy event and task entry!

Natural Language Parsing (NLP) is a feature in Informant that allows users to quickly apply details to an event or task using only its title. For instance, rather than creating an event "Dinner with Thomas” and then individually editing the location,...

Win a free subscription for Love Note Day!

Download the app September 26th is Love Note Day and since we L💖VE our customers, we want to show our appreciation. From September 26th-30th, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. Using either the hashtag #pocketinformant or...

Lockdown the Lock Screen Widget with iOS 16!

Try the widget today! Apple customers have been asking, and finally the higher powers at Apple have bestowed upon us the Lock Screen Widget! To set up a Pocket Informant lock screen widget: Make sure that app version 5.83 is installed on the device. Hard...

Don’t forget it, use the home screen widget!

Informant Widgets can help add an extra layer of customization and more glanceable options to display your productivity. Take a whack at Widgets today! To install a Widget, choose a blank space on your home screen and hard press. You'll see your App icons...

SMART Goals Mini Bootcamp

How to set and achieve SMART goals. Set your Goals Today! Clarity is vital for the achievement of SMART goals. Your dream or goal must be specific and clear and should not be vague. As you build this SMART goal foundation, remember the following: Clarity is...

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