Fanatic Software focuses on mobility software and strives to provide the highest quality software for iOS and Android. Our flagship product is Pocket Informant.

Our design philosophy focuses on providing a powerful focus into your daily life in the simplest way possible.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City Utah,  Pocket Informant is part of Complete XRM, inc a privately funded Corporation.   Pocket Informant was originally founded as WebIS and later Fanatic Software by Alex Kac. Pocket Informant has focused on the Mobile PDA and Smartphone market since August of 2001 and has risen to become one of top ten developers by sales for mobile devices shortly thereafter. With more than 500,000 users on Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone and now Android, Fanatic Software continues to show expertise, leadership, and vision in the mobile space. Our flagship application – Pocket informant – owns the majority market in PIM applications on Windows Mobile and as we continue to improve the user experience, and innovate in a big way Fanatic Software is adapting to a changing software landscape and embracing the new directions of the market.
Please note that refunds are handled exclusively by these App Stores. We do not have the ability to provide refunds from these purchases. Only the App Store Support can. Thank you. Please provide an order number, email it was purchased under with your request to here
Fanatic Software will be a dominant player across all major mobile platforms, desktop and online services by consistently creating software that sets the standard for each category we enter. Our products will have a reputation for being enjoyable to use, highly functional, and unsurpassed in quality. We will be known as a company for our legendary customer service and people-focused business practices.
Fanatic Software is a group of people dedicated to providing quality products, which meet the highest standards, to improve our customers lives. We have a reputation for innovative, well-planned, and usable design, striving always to do the right thing. We are a dynamic and fluid company, which allows us to make decisions not bound to rigid policy.
Fanatic Software has built our business based on our customer-focused way of doing business. We created one of the first forum based communities back in 2000 and we keep ourselves close to the action. Fanatic Software would not be the brand that it is without our customers and our forums.
We answer email and Technical Support Forum inquiries on all standard business days. At times, such as during trade-shows or holidays or after a product launch, our response time may be delayed.

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Press We’re pleased to provide copies of our iOS software for product reviews and volume purchasing evaluations. Contact us at keith @ and provide your company name, publication name and website. We will then promptly send you a coupon for redemption.

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Pocket Informant P.O. Box 4229 Salt Lake City, UT 84110

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If you need assistance, we answer every email that comes through support or the contact us page. I cannot stress enough that we cannot return most phone calls simply due to time constraints.



We do not offer phone support as it is very costly in the time it takes to handle problems individually. We would have to charge for this service or raise the price of our products. We do not want to do either. Click on the Support button for help.