March 17, 2016

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It’s National Pi Day, a day that seems tailor-made for Pocket Informant, and we’re going to have some fun with it. We’re giving away three “Pi and Coffee” prize packages. Each package will contain a Starbuck’s gift card (what goes better with pie than coffee?) and the winner’s choice of Informant product.

In theme with “pie” Alex and Chris are also sharing about their favorite type of pie. It’s all fun, and delicious…and deliciously fun. We hope you enjoy!



Most people get a cake on their birthday – vanilla or chocolate or sometimes something really special like Black Forest or Red Velvet. However, in our family we don’t really do cake much – we do PIE! My favorite pie depends on the time of year and what’s fresh and available because I love…no adore…fruit pies. I go back and forth between Apple pie (any kind) to Blueberry pie; sometimes Cherry, but if it came down to it it would be Blueberry. I’m not a huge crust lover though, but a graham cracker crust is one of my favorites. The more fruit and filling – the better.

One thing is why do I love blueberry pie so much? When I was little I used to roam amongst a large acreage forest-type area in New Jersey called Freehold where an old man from Russia kept his home. We would stay there often and I’d wake up in the morning and pick a bowl full of blueberries with some gooseberries along for the rid. Cover it in some milk and sugary – and I had breakfast! Blueberry pie kind of reminds me of a warm, gooey version of that.

Want to get on my good side? Get some fresh-picked blueberries and…well do anything. Pie. Milk. Just blueberries. Yum!

Alex Kac

Founder and CEO


My Favorite Pie…ish


So, in honor of Pi Day, apparently I’m supposed to write about my favorite pie. Frankly I was more inclined to write about my favorite pi, but then I figured that would just be irrational…

It’s a rather daunting task to pick a favorite. When I was younger, I think I would have said Lemon Meringue. First of all, it has its own fluffy topping built into the pie itself (as opposed to most other pies that require the separate addition of whipped cream). Second, and perhaps most importantly, it’s fun to say (all who know me can attest, when I go out to eat, I often order food based on how fun it is to say. Chimichangas are a popular choice.).

But, with age comes experience…and part of my experience was working for Houston’s Restaurant where they have this fairly insanely awesome Apple Cobbler…hot…with ice cream. Like seriously – go to Houston’s right now and order it if you’ve never tried it. Now, I can hear the naysayers already – this is supposed to be about pie, not cobbler. I submit to you that based on the strict definition of pie (a baked dish of fruit, meat or vegetables typically with a top and base of pastry), cobbler is actually a subset of pie.

Of course, that got me to thinking…by that definition a Cheesecake should also qualify as a pie. And who doesn’t love Cheesecake?? Just to verify my suspicions, I turned to Google…and sure enough, the folks at say “the addition of cream cheese is no more a disqualifier than the addition of bourbon would be…it can also be a cake, but it can’t not be a pie.” So there you have it – my favorite just might have to be Cheesecake…covered in bourbon.

But now remains the question that will haunt me the rest of the day…why is it not called Cheesepie?

Chris McSorley

COO/iOS Developer


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