The purpose of this blog post is to shed some lite on all things sync related in Informant. This post is “kinda-technical” and if you don’t have a stomach for the nitty-gritty details then you might want to check out the next one.

Table 1:  Primary Features and which 3rd parties they can be synced to. This chart is an indication of what Informant can sync through various sync / online services. This isn’t a reflection of what each service is necessarily capable of – only what Informant can currently utilize. In virtually all situations, however, we make our best effort to support all fields and properties that a service offers.


Table 2: Calendar Properties
Calendar Properties refers to the calendar layer itself and not the individual appointments on the calendar. (See Event Properties for the actual Event/Appointment properties).


Table 3: Event Properties:
This table shows that many properties including Tags, Icons, Image and Contact attachments are only available when using Informant Sync. If you use the Informant Google Calendar sync you can also get Event Colors and Attendees. This chart also shows that if you are using a Native Calendar, your attendees will be limited to read only access.


Table 4: Project Properties:
Projects sync most completely with Informant Sync. Since Toodledo loosely supports the GTD methodology, they also support the concept of an Inbox.  If you are using Apple Reminders, then Informant will show Reminder Lists as Informant Projects.

Table 5: Task Properties:
This table shows many of the task properties and you can see the footnotes for additional details.  Because each vendor implements tasks (or Reminders in Apple’s case) a little differently, it is probably the trickiest record that we deal with.

(1) See “Project Properties” for a list of properties that can be synced for task projects
(2) Toodledo supports basic contexts, but doesn’t sync location coordinates that Informant can assign to Context for location-based alarms.
(3) Toodledo online doesn’t support free form locations like Informant does. However, Informant can sync locations through Toodledo to other instances of Informant by leveraging Toodledo’s sync metadata.
(4) The free level of Toodledo only supports a few pre-defined alarm times.  Toodledo requires you to get their Silver Subscription (or better) to have completely freeform alarms.


Table 6: Note Properties:
Notes sync best with Informant Sync.  Evernote is probably the next best choice. However, Evernote sync will not get the Icon property or the voice notes.  It is noteable that Informant does NOT sync with Apple Notes. Apple has currently not opened up Notes to any third party developers (at the time this post was created). If Apple allows access to their notes in the future, we would be able to get to them.

Do you have other questions about data record types and properties?  Ask me in the comments section below.