This post will be a bit of a discussion of some of the project management features in Informant 5 for iOS & Informant for macOS.

Did you know you CAN manage projects with Informant?
Sure, everyone knows that Informant is a GREAT calendar app, but did you know that it is really excellent for managing projects?  Yes, its true.  You don’t have to be a professional project manager or have “project manager” in your job title to manage projects.  We all manage projects almost every day in our personal and professional lives.

What is a project?

  • PMI  – Project Management Institute defines a project as: a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.
  • David Allen of the GTD or Getting Things Done defines a project as:  Anything that takes 2 or more tasks to accomplish.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a project manager is $91,440  so it might be a skill you want to pick up.

What are some projects that you might need to create?

  • New product launch
  • Kids birthday party, or a company event
  • Planning a Family vacation, or other trip
  • Building a website
  • Building something for a customer
  • Remodel the kitchen


How do you create a new Project in Informant for mac?

Informant for macOS:  Click on the checkbox icon for projects/tasks view. Right click on Project on left sidebar, or 2 finger tap for New Project menu.

Informant for iOS: Click on the Projects/Tasks view then tap Projects then “+”


New Project Options

Name: The name of your project. What are you looking to accomplish. A project name can be anything like: Remodel Kitchen, May Newsletter, Register for School, or Family Vacation to Disneyland.

Sync Account: Select the account that this project will sync to. If you haven’t created an Informant Sync account yet, now might be a good time.  Note that some of the below project options won’t appear for certain sync accounts (since not all sync services support these different features).  If you choose to sync with Informant Sync, then you get all the below options.

Your options for syncing projects are: Informant Sync, iOS Reminders (“Lists”), Toodledo or None (meaning it doesn’t sync, it just lives locally on your device inside Informant)
We recommend: Informant Sync.

Contains:  Options are Tasks, Notes, or Tasks and Notes.  If you choose notes or Tasks and Notes, the Project Name will also show up in the Notes tab.

Due Date: When is the project due?

Auto-Complete Project:  This will automatically close the project when the last task is completed.

Next Action Handling: This option lets you choose how Informant manages your next actions in each project.  Check out this table for some of the differences.  My personal favorite is the Sequential setting because I like to Drag & Drop tasks into a specific order.


Projects & iOS Reminders:  If you choose to sync your Informant Project with an iOS Reminders list, the Project name will sync to iOS as the Reminders List.


Prioritize/ Re-Order Project List
Putting your projects in order of priority, relevance, or just grouping them together can be helpful. At the time of this blog post, re-order projects is only available on the mobile device. However, the feature will be coming to Desktop Informant soon. Also, if you change the order on mobile, the new order will be reflected in the desktop view.

(Reorder project on informant 5 for iOS)

Drag/Drop Tasks to Projects or to Tag


What are your favorite ways to use projects in Informant?   Did I leave out any features that you want to know about?  Ask your questions in the comments section and I will add to this blog post or reply to your comments.

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