In 1997 I started a small consulting firm in Austin, Texas designing the back-end of websites and I called my company Web Information Solutions. It was designed to give the idea that we focused on the information side of web technology – not on the artwork. We were very successful but in 1999 I was introduced to the mobile development world. By 2001 we were only focused on mobile development and all that web-back-end work was for private use only.

For the next 15 years I’ve been hearing people mispronounce the name, wonder what we do, and me try to figure out how to explain the major disconnect between our name and what we do. I cringe every time I hear my father call us “Web-iz”, and when I have to make phone calls or leave message.

We registered back in 2008 because it was a name we loved. We’ve been talking about changing our company name for many years and in 2014 we decided it was time. However to get there, you have to start setting up domain names, logos, IRS, registrations – its a huge deal for a small company like ours. And now with 2016 here – its time: Fanatic Software we are.

Why Fanatic? What makes that a good name for us? The fact is that we are fanatic about the software that we make. We are focused on it, it is our professional lives. We believe that doing what we do should be fun, frenetic, and fantastic – and it is! We are fanatic about our customers; we are fanatic about our people; and we are fanatic about you.

So here we are – Fanatic Software Inc, formerly WebIS. It’ll be a few weeks before everything on Google, Apple App Store, and elsewhere changes.