We are happy to announce TWO new benefits for Informant Sync customers:

Using Microsoft Outlook on Windows PC?
Informant Sync for Outlook v1.0 , or ISFO as we lovingly refer to it internally, is a new product that we recently released that will allow you to sync your Informant Sync data with Outlook on your Windows Desktop (no exchange server required). As part of your $39 purchase of Informant Sync for Outlook v1.0 we are including a free year of Informant Sync ($25 value). This same purchase now unlocks the premium version of Informant for Android 4.2 also. So there you go, just $39.95 and you can get the new Informant Sync for Outlook v1.0 AND get a free year of Informant Sync which now includes BOTH Informant for iOS AND Informant for Android v4.2.  In following years, You can keep all of these apps working and connected via Informant Sync with your $24.99 annual subscription to Informant Sync. Just to be clear, the $39.95 purchase for Informant Sync for Outlook v1.0 is a ONE-time purchase, but you will need to keep your Informant Sync subscription active beyond the first year for it to keep working.

Some good news for Android:
For many months, or maybe even years, we have been hearing from Android folks who want an update for Informant for Android 4.19. Over the past few months we have dusted off the Android code and started digging in. This new release is a small update for Informant for Android version 4.2 but is a big step in showing some love to the Android side of the house. Informant for Android 4.2 now unlocks to the Premium version with your Informant Sync subscription. That is right, your Informant Sync subscription now includes the Premium version of Informant for Android 4.2.  If you already have Informant Sync you can get Informant for Android 4.2 (Full Version) and set it up to sync with your existing Informant Sync account.  The informant Sync account that you are using with Informant on iOS or Mac is all you need to login in Android Informant 4.2.

You can download Informant for Android v4.2 here. Purchase (only) the Informant for Android Premium version for $14.99 on the Android Play Store, OR you can purchase Informant Sync for $25/yr and you also get Informant 5 for iOS.

Note: If you already have purchased Informant for Android 4.19 then you DO NOT need to download 4.2. It will not do anything different than your 4.19 version.

Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ 1:  Why can I buy Informant on Android but not on iOS?  This option to purchase Android is a legacy feature and we are planning to move more toward subscription with the release of  Android Informant 5.0, when it does happen.

FAQ 2: If I buy Informant 4.2 now, will I get Informant for Android version 5 for free? YES! – if you purchase Informant Sync you will continue to get the current release included, including Informant for Android 5.0 – as long as you’re current on your subscription. We are still a long ways off (at least 6 months) from releasing version Informant for Android v 5.0 and when we do it is expected to be a fairly significant upgrade. Informant 4.1 users and below will not get a free upgrade to Informant for Android 5.0 unless they also have an Informant Sync subscription.

Want to try Informant for Android v4.2 for Free? You can now do this by setting up a free trial of Informant Sync here then login to your account in Informant for Android.

Tell us what you think about these 2 apps or what other questions you have below.