Time Picker Changes Coming to Informant 5 for iOS

If you have followed the posts here you may recall that we released a new date picker and time picker with Informant 5.00. While both were very innovative and had some great thought behind their design; both were met with resistance and, at the time, we decided to go back to the 30 day date picker and the default Apple time picker. The new date picker has been well received, although the time picker still needed some work. (We really don’t like the scrolling wheels either. )

Current Date/Time Picker


We have been working on some new U/I designs for a new time picker:
Here are 2 of the options we are working through.

Option A:  “Dial Pad” 
This is a quick just type in the numbers and your time is set.

Proposed Option 1

Dial Pad (A-1)

Dial Pad Variation (A-2)

Dial Pad (A-2)


Option B: Clock Face
Advantages of this style is the simple 2 tap to set time.  Tap 1 = Set Hours, Tap 2= Set Minutes.

Time Picker: Hours

Time Picker: Hours

This screenshot shows the state after selecting the Hour, then you would select the minutes.

Time Picker: Minutes

Time Picker: Minutes

Option C: Quick Input (2 Taps to Input Time)

Option C

Option C



Option D:  Linear Time Select

Option D


Each of these designs are currently being kicked around, revised and may make their way into internal or external betas. We are curious to hear your thoughts and opinions on each of them. Please comment below: