We offer Informant for Mac OS X, iOS, and Android but lately all of our announcements have been on iOS and OS X. That’s no secret – we’ve been spending 90% of our time trying to finish Informant for Mac OS X. So what is going on with Android? There are actually a few things going on that make an Android update quite some-time away. I just want to let all of you know that there will not be any Android updates for awhile.

There are two primary reasons for the delay in Android development: The technology and where Informant is going.

Right now our app on iOS and Mac OS X are built with the very latest technologies: latest SDKs, Swift 2.2, and all the features the latest iOS releases offer. Apple makes this relatively easy and our codebase there is pretty modern. Last year we spent a huge amount of time reworking major parts of our Apple codebase to get it up to the latest. During that time we even got people asking us “how come you’ve had so many Android updates but nothing for iOS?”. Now we’re hearing the same thing in reverse. Our Android app is designed for the older Android SDKs and the newer ones that support a Material design require a complete rewrite of the interface from the ground up. In general, rewrites like this for Informant take about a year – more or less – because of the scope of the app. That means if we started late last year, the earliest would be end of this year.

The second issue is where Informant is going. We don’t believe that the market for personal calendar/task management is a growing market and we have our sights on making that market our foundation, but not our end-goal. To make that happen we need considerable investment capital which we’ve been working on for awhile now. With the Material redesign of the Android version being developed, we are at the point that we don’t want to spend money writing code for 6 months that we’ll have to scrap once we get the investment.

I wish I could say more, but without an NDA – I can only say that we believe strongly in Informant for Android and we want it to be a shining jewel moving forward. In the meantime the current app is strong and powerful and we’re proud of the app. We have not abandoned the Android app – we are strategically developing it for the future.