Subscribed vs Free

Its come to our attention lately that there are a lot of Informant 5 users that rely on the application daily but may be missing out on some great features.  If you or someone you know happens to be using the “Free” version of Pocket Informant 5 here is what you are missing-

A few more benefits of a subscription to Informant 5 include the following-

Unlimited use of the Informant Sync service

Use of the Pocket Informant for Android application

Assurance that you will always have the latest release of Informant 5 for iOS that your device will support

Good or Best?

Informant 5 in free mode is a good calendar application.  Informant 5 with a subscription is  one of the best Personal Information Management applications available on the iOS platform with unparalleled capabilities and flexibility.

So if you haven’t yet considered moving to a subscription we urge you to take another look.  If value is your concern, the subscribed version of the application is an excellent value.  The annual subscription costs 50 cents US per week, for those two quarters users get the iOS application, the Android application, unlimited use of the Informant Sync service, plus free unlimited and exceptional application support.  By any measure an outstanding value!

For any questions that you may have feel free to contact our support team, they will be glad to help you.  You can open a support case from the settings area of the Informant 5 application support tab or from

Subscribed access allows viewing of multiple calendar data at the same time

In the Free mode Pocket Informant will allow you to create and use multiple calendars however you will only be able to view the default calendar.  To view your other calendars you will have to go to the settings and set the calendar you wish to view as the default calendar each time.  With a subscription you can view the data from multiple calendars at the same time.

The calendar list showing the default calendar

In free mode the data from only the default calendar is visible

With a subscription multiple calendars can be viewed at the same time










Subscribed users also gain access to the powerful task management tools of Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant takes task management to new levels with multiple task modes including Getting Things Done or Franklin Covey.  Further items such as next actions, checklists, subtasks, and projects add to the power of the task view.

Task View groupings

Task View Editor (most fields shown)

Task View showing parent and subtask

Task View task summary









Another subscriber exclusive for use with tasks are the Smart Filters

Smart Filters are user defined task groups.  When you create the Smart Filter you can set a single condition or multiple conditions for tasks the meet to be included in your Smart Filters.  This is a great way group and refine your task list for quick and easy viewing of tasks.

Creating a rule for a Smart Filter

The Smart Filters are showing that 2 tasks meet the criteria of the filter  

Preview all that Pocket Informant has to offer for FREE!!

To preview Pocket Informant for iOS or Android for free for two weeks please go to the following link and create a trial Informant Sync account.

Then go to the Pocket Informant settings, accounts, and tap the add button, add an Informant Sync account and tap begin sync.  This will unlock the Pocket Informant application for the duration of the sync subscription or trial allowing users to experience all of the features of the application.

An application that can be as complex or as simple as you prefer-

The Pocket Informant application is made to be what you want it to be, with a vast array of settings users can configure Informant in a variety of ways to manage their events and tasks very simply or they can choose to add complexity to their specific preferences.  Some customers prefer a simple to do list while others want a very refined task list or calendar view while others desire something in between.  With Pocket Informant the choice is yours!

Feel free to contact our support team with any questions that you may have

We respond to all support cases, if you do not get a response within one business day please check your spam or junk email filters for our reply.  Support is closed weekends and holidays.