Well, perhaps that is overstating the impact of the Apple watch on my life but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on my Apple watch after spending a couple of months with it. I have the black 42mm sport version as my tribute to growing up watching Knight Rider.

I am a watch geek. My dream watch is the Raymond Weil Nabucco in Titanium. As I said that is the dream. I like traditionally styled watches of the chronograph variety with metal bands. That is what I have worn for years. I did experiment with smart watches early on, I used to have the Timex Ironman Datalink. It transferred data by using your computer screen to send bar coded information to the sensor on the front of the watch which you had to hold in front of your computer screen. Could it get any better than that?

The answer is a very big YES, the Apple watch has grown on me. I don’t wear it as my primary everyday watch, it has become my watch specialist so to speak. I wear it faithfully to the gym, I don’t think there is a better workout watch available.

I wear it when I’m going to be in a situation where my phone isn’t going to be so handy. For example meetings, leaving my phone in my pocket or laptop case is advantageous to me. I love being able to view texts, and reply from my wrist in these moments. I love being able to check my Informant calendar, get news feeds and accept or decline phone calls from my wrist. This is where the device becomes a game changer for me. On a normal day in the office I will wear one of my traditional watches. When I am dressing formally for something I will go traditional. When I have a meeting, or I am traveling, or I’m going to be in a place where my phone isn’t the optimum choice I’m wearing my Apple Watch. I have gotten rather attached to it and my fondness continues to grow as I use the device more and more.

I have relatives who opted for “other brands” of smart watches and while none are what I would call bad, there isn’t one of them that can compare to the Apple Watch. My skepticism has passed. Its also fun to answer phone calls on the watch “hello KITT”, its my way of letting my friends that call me know I am talking to them on my watch. Thank you Michael Knight!


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