Informant for iOS 5.40 is ready for release. This blog post will give you a few insights of what to expect.

Expected Release Date: 7/18/2018


• New Time Picker! By popular demand, the time wheels are gone and you now have a super-efficient numerical keypad to enter the time of your events. Button Style Time Picker
• On the Date Picker, the month selector now wraps around between December and January. When it wraps around, it automatically increments or decrements the year as appropriate.
• The Date Picker now loads significantly faster
• The I5 Date/Time picker is now used everywhere throughout the app (replacing several areas that still used the legacy PI4 Date Picker). Aside from looking great, this also resolves several issues including the date/time picker popover being too wide on iPhone SE and some year selection problems on the Buddhist calendar.
• New Pure Black theme! It takes our “dark” theme one step further. This theme was designed with the iPhone X’s OLED screen in mind – it looks great and saves energy!
• New view picker icons
• The iPhone X view picker no longer uses a 2nd row of buttons for the different calendar options – simply force touch on the main calendar icon to see them (or if you are already on the calendar view, a simple tap on the calendar icon will work as well)
• Triggers are now alphabetically sorted
• Informant Home screen now always shows the very next event (whether it has a location or not)
• Restoring or deleting a backup file now confirms with you first
• You can now share Informant with a friend and give your friend a FREE month!


• Fixed issue where you couldn’t dismiss the search field once you started filtering the task or notes view.
• When doing a search on iPhone X, the search results would remain active even when collapsing the drawer
• Fixed issue where Informant might describe certain Apple Calendar events as repeating on the “0th Saturday” of the month
• Fixed issue restoring a backup from iCloud Drive
• Fixed issue where tag filtering might not work properly in non-English languages
• “Inbox” wasn’t being localized in the task editor
• Fixed issue where after restoring purchases, Informant Sync might repeatedly fail with an error of “Failed to send IAP receipt”
• Fixed issue where you sometimes might see two “Dismiss” buttons in the Settings view on a Plus-sized phone
• Fixed a few iPhone X specific layout issues
• Background App Refresh sometimes would get hung up and time out before it could finish
• Several internal & stability improvements