Informant for iOS 5.41 is scheduled for release late December 2018 (currently submitted to Apple)

• Changed to a new weather provider, DarkSky. The previous weather provider (WeatherUnderground) shut down the API/feed that Informant was using.  You must install this update for weather to work beyond December 31, 2018.
• You can now specify if you want to include completed tasks in the search options
• Added the option to duplicate a note when force-touching it (on force touch supporting devices)
• Fixed issue where sometimes the Quick Entry row might not appear when searching
• Alarm Picker now respects bottom safe margin on iPhone X-style phones
• Fixed issue where you’d get unexpected results if you made an exception on the root event of a recurring series and changed the “All Day” flag
• Fixed regression where multi-day all day events wouldn’t properly draw the gradient from the past section to the current section of the event bubble
• Fixed issue tying to the Home Time Zone (in TravelAssist) on iPad
• Fixed issue where  View Settings were not immediately taking effect on iPhone X style phones
• Fixed some minor view improvements for iPhone X style phones in landscape
• Fixed issue with zero duration events starting on the first day of the week at midnight that did not appear on the calendar view
• Fixed ability to set iOS Calendars to Use, in some cases this was not working
• Added complication for Series 4 Large Info Graph Center
• Fixed issue where search might not find an exception that occurs after the end date of a recurring series
• Optimized internally for iOS 12

NOTE: This will be the last release that supports iOS 10.x. Future versions of Informant will require iOS 11.0 or better. Currently iPhone 5S and greater can upgrade to iOS 11.