MacOS 1.1.13

The primary reason for this release was to resolve a bug with the feature to submit Support cases. This release also irons out some kinks and makes some minor visual improvements, as well as some behind the scenes updates that needed to be made, including resolving a visual issue with the timezone labels and improvements to Dark Mode.

iOS 5.59

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added the ability to set a default view (Settings > View Settings > Default View)!

We also improved animation on the main Settings menu, updated the Feedback page, as well as updated the codebase to conform to new code standards to optimize app performance. Of course, we also took care of some new bugs: 

Fix: The buttons on the Alarm screen are fully functional now.

Fix: Resolves a bug for Voice Notes in Dark mode.

Fix: The issue when using the Day Selection feature in Recurrence Settings is resolved.

Fix: The visual issues with iOS Editor and iOS Calendar when in Dark mode have been fixed.

Release Notes for MacOS and iOS Release Coming Soon:

Google has done a major update to their services that are utilized in Pocket Informant. Their update resulted in an interruption of Google services in Pocket Informant. This release is to align our code with their update to get our Google services up and running again. If you continue to have any issues with Pocket Informant’s Google features AFTER updating the app, please reach out to our Support team.