Due to the changes brought to us by the new iPhone X, we have a new release for Informant 5 for iOS.

As of November 20, 2017:

Updated for iPhone X! Due to the unique design changes of iPhone X, we had to rethink our view picker & toolbar. Now, if you’re on an iPhone X, the view picker, toolbar & Informant Home screen now live on a new “drawer” that can be slid up and down. In the most collapsed state, this gives you 1 touch access between all the major views…you can also move the drawer up 1 level to give you 1 touch access to all calendar views as well!

Other improvements in this release include:
– The trigger editor now supports multi-line notes for a trigger
– Resolved an issue where Informant would intermittently open to 2015 instead of the current date
– Improvements to subscribing to a calendar
– Fixed a crash when importing certain ICS files
– Include the event URL field when exporting / importing ICS files
– Improved time zone handling when importing and exporting ICS files
– Resolved issue where the dates in month view might be hard to read if you customized colors
– Event/Task notes should be easier to read in the “summary popover” when in dark mode
– Weather information should be easier to read in dark mode
– Updated localizations and specifically fixed an issue with Portuguese that was introduced in the last update
– Internal performance improvements
– Internal updates to improve iOS 11 compatibility



Are you using the new iPhone X?  Let us know how you like the new menu.  It just might make its way into Informant 5.