Informant 5 is ready for iOS 11 – Release Notes for Informant 5.30
(these are bit more complete than the ones we posted in the App Store):

• Informant is ready for  iOS 11
• NEW: Siri support for tasks. For instance, you can now tell Siri “Make a new task in Informant to take out the trash” (iOS 11 only)
• Username / Password fields can take advantage of iOS 11’s ability to store login info in the keychain (iOS 11 only)
• New look for the View Picker Short bar – which also resolves an issue of it sometimes overlapping the ‘+’ button on smaller screens (iOS 11 only)
• Numerous visual and under the hood improvements for iOS 11 (this goes across several views – Agenda, Month, Settings, etc…)

• The “more actions” button is back on iPad so that you can swipe-to-change-start-date again
• Resolved issue in 5.20 that could cause duplicate alarms for Apple Calendar events
• Sometimes Informant would not respect a deleted exception on the root event of a recurring series
• The wrong version number was showing in certain localizations
• Making a trigger from an Apple Calendar Event now works properly
• Conflict Catcher in the event editor was not working properly for Apple Calendar Events
• If you had a daily repeating all day Apple Calendar Event with a “repeat end date”, the event would 1 day later than it should have
• Tapping out of the Title field in the event editor might unexpectedly revert the All Day switch in certain situations
• TouchID / Passcode feature works properly again in I5
• Fixed a way for the wrong icon to sometimes appear in the view picker
• The view picker would sometimes disappear after doing a search and emailing one of the search results
• Fixed crash if there wasn’t a Mail account set up
• The Delete All Completed button would incorrectly stay on screen in some situations when it shouldn’t
• If you created a trigger set to be “All Day”, it would sometimes result in creating events that spanned 2 days when used
• Fixed a logic issue when setting the time zone in the event editor
• Fixed error message when editing a smart filter that iOS Informant doesn’t support
• Added option to sign up for newsletter when signing into Informant Sync
• Manual Informant Sync renewal process is more intuitive
• Proactively let people know they get an Informant Sync account included when they subscribe to the connect bundle
• Improved onboarding experience for iPhone SE
• Updated several internal frameworks
• Updated localizations