This release contains a major new feature, the addition of Siri Shortcuts!! 

We will detail this feature below, please read all of the release notes to understand the shortcuts.

Important note: This will be the final release of Pocket Informant for iOS 11 as we update our development environments to work with the upcoming iOS 13 and its new features.

The following Siri shortcuts are supported-

Add event

Let’s Write Something (add a note)

Add task

Add checklist

Show me my calendar (Shows the month view)

Show me my tasks (Shows Main Task View)

Show me today (shows Focus View)

Remember when using Siri Shortcuts that you have to do the function in the Pocket Informant application before Siri will be able to add it as a shortcut in iOS 12 or iOS 13. Siri Shortcuts are not supported by iOS 11.

Siri Shortcuts are managed in the device settings when using iOS 12 and the Shortcuts application in iOS 13 they are not managed in the Pocket Informant settings.  iOS 11 does not support the use of Siri Shortcuts.

The Siri shortcuts also work as a habit tracker, if for example, you create a note daily at 3pm Siri will learn this and ask you daily around 3pm if you want to create a note.

Pocket Informant already supports Siri commands which are different from Siri Shortcuts so if you have been using the Siri commands with Informant those behaviors will not change.

Please contact our support team if you have any further questions on this great new feature.


Some users had an issue in Dark Mode that would make the event text black when being viewed.

Corrected some lingering long title handling issues that a few users reported

Prevent users from creating an event with a due date set before the start date

Corrected a crash some users had when editing the recurrence pattern of a task to none

Corrected an issue reported where the Smart Filter rules were too dark to read

Amended Smart Filter rules background color to work better with text colors

To avoid confusion with some iOS 13 changes the color themes were renamed, Dark Mode has been changed to Gray Theme and black by Alex has been renamed Night Theme.

We want to thank our beta team for testing the all new Siri Shortcuts feature for us!!!

We also want to express our appreciation to all of our customers.  We know you have a choice and we thank you for choosing Pocket Informant!!!