Straight up – I’m not a watch guy. I gave up watches over twenty years ago when I got my first PDA – the Newton. I love the idea of watches and I love the design and aesthetics of watches and clocks in general. I love wall clocks, grandfather clocks, and old Big Ben. However at the same time I do have somewhat sensitive skin and a small left wrist (result of an accident when I was 9) so I’ve eschewed watches due to the lack of comfort. I even sometimes have to take my wedding ring off for a few hours if my skin is getting irritated.

However I’m really interested in a watch that helps me be more communicative using my phone less. I’ve been watching the Pebble for awhile, but I’m not crazy how it looks or that it has no real input so the Watch is truly interesting to me.

When Apple introduced the Watch I was riveted to my seat, but a little disappointed. Its not water-proof, less than a few days battery life, and lets face it – I like round watches. The featureset interested me – fitness, Siri, maps, and more, but I also know that Gen 1 Apple Products are more beta than anything else.

Then the SDK for Watch came out – and I really got depressed. There is a lot of good in it, but I was disappointed that so much of the logic lived on the phone. Looking at the reviews of third-party apps here, here, and here – you’ll see that most third party apps are generic looking and slow. Apple has promised a much improved SDK later in the year.

So with all of that I’m not getting a watch…right? Actually – yes I am:

Screenshot 2015-04-09 11.33.41

I know its Gen 1, and I know its got its limitations, but I want to at least try and see how well it works in my life. Second the inevitable question is already here: When will Pocket Informant be on my Watch!?

Sometimes its best to be first yet Apple has shown many times that its better to see what works, what doesn’t work, and do it well. We will not be the first on Watch and I’m a bit sad about that, but I also know that using the watch will help me figure out what will work best.

Apple envisions watch usage being measured in seconds, not minutes, so I’m not expecting a lot of Informant functionality on a watch app. I’m expecting the ability to see tasks or events nearby by location perhaps, glances for events and tasks that alarm, and maybe some lists of the Focus View that you can navigate. Maybe even Smart Filters. We will just have to see.

So those are my two cents about my Watch and yours as well.