Major Release Coming for Informant for iOS 5

It has been just over one year since the release of Informant 5. Since then we have listened to feedback and made many changes. We have had 9 releases to improve or change features, fix bugs, and to keep up with changes from Apple including the release of iOS 11 and the iPhone X.

The iPhone X caused us, and all iOS developers, to make some UI changes to accommodate the “notch” and the new “virtual home button / swipe” from the bottom edge of the display.  The I5 view picker was specifically an issue because the new guideline was that we could no longer put any buttons on the very bottom edge of the display. We were forced to make some quick changes to our primary view navigation for iPhone X and that left us with 2 different view navigation interfaces across different devices (iPhone X vs iPhone 5/6/7/8 and iPad).  We learned a few things along the way and we also received a bunch of positive feedback on our new iPhone X view picker, so that got us talking about making the experience consistent across all devices and implementing the same view picker on all devices (iPhone 5/6/7/8 and iPad).

1) View Selector/Main Navigation:

Problem to solve: The introduction of the iPhone X forced us to change our View Selector/Main Navigation. After a quick release to fix the interface problems for iPhone X we have had 2 different interfaces on the iPhone X devices and all the others.
Challenges & Considerations: The Informant app has 6 main view screens (Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Focus, Settings) and 6 different calendar view options (Year, Month, Stacked Week, Column Week, Day, Agenda) . This creates a challenge in making all of them easy to access and not cluttering the interface. We also want to put more visual emphasis on the “add new” button. We also considered feedback on prior versions of Informant as part of these concepts.
Feedback Request: We want to hear from you – what is your preference for how to access all the different calendar views?
Image 1a- Shows the new view picker for all devices in the “standard” state
Image 1b- Shows one option to select a specific calendar view – a force touch (or long press) on the calendar button will replace the navigation button with calendar views to pick between
Image 1c- Shows another option to select a calendar view – a force touch (or long press) on the calendar button will show a popover with the different calendar views to choose from

1a) Shows Main Navigation

1a) Shows Main Navigation in “normal” state

Calendar Icon Replace & Swipe

1c) Pop up menu (shows view name + icon)

1c) Navigation Concept: Pop up menu (shows view name + icon)

Question for user feedback:  Do you like 1b or 1c better?


2) Time Picker

Problem to Solve: When we released Informant 5 we went with an innovative date and time picker. The date picker was quickly identified as a problem and we made a change. However, the Time Picker was reverted to an Apple default “scrolling wheel” time picker, which is admittedly pretty terrible.
Solution: We put together a blog post a few weeks back with a few different options (link) and solicited feedback. Based on your feedback we are moving forward with a button input similar to this one.

New Time Picker


3) Icon set

Problem to Solve:  Over the years, while we have made notable changes to the UI, many of our icons haven’t received the same level of attention.  We wanted to modernize our view picker icons and make them feel like a more cohesive set than what they currently are.

Here is what we have come up with:

Row 1: New flat version of main navigation. Row 2: Calendar Icons – Option A (like current)                  Row 3: Calendar Icons – Option B (new)


We are very interested in your feedback. Please comment below.

Disclaimer: Please realize that these pictures are design concepts and the final interfaces may vary from these. While we are actively developing on these features we are not disclosing a release date.  Beta users will be notified via Testflight when beta versions are available.

P.S. A special thanks to our newest team member and designer, Sienna, for coming up with some fresh ideas to address these changes. Once we sort out the details on the iOS version, we are planning to take some of these design items to the Android version as well.