[Post Updated October 5, 2017]

When we started down the path of developing Informant for macOS we were ambitious in that we wanted Informant 1.0 to have ALL the same feature set that Pocket Informant for iOS has. This was a pretty ambitious goal because Informant for iOS has had 8 years of development and now 5 major releases and literally hundreds of smaller ones. We now realize that might have been a bit OVERLY ambitious.

Good news macOS Informant fans. We are getting closer to putting a 1.0 label on Informant for the macOS.  We recently released milestone 8.5 which had quite a few improvements and bug fixes.
Release Notes Beta 3: Sept 26, 2017- Now Available
Release Notes Beta 4: October 4, 2017 -Now Available

Get Informant for macOS here

For those of you that are keeping track, here is a list of the remaining differences between Informant 5 for iOS and Informant for mac (milestone 0.8.5):

Feature Informant 5 for iOS Informant for macOS (0.8.5)
Latest Release (Milestone 9 beta 5 10/18/2017)
Triggers Uses new Triggers feature. Allows for individual updating of task/event attributes Uses the prior version of Templates
(coming in M9 beta 6)
Printing Available 0.9.3 now has 4 print options
Live location search on Contacts Available Available since 0.8.5 beta 4
Apple Maps for live-location search Available Not Available
(using google maps on mac)
Certain editing options on location-based tasks Available Not Available
Travel Assist Available Travel schedule events will show up on on calendar, but are not editable
Tag Filtering has tag filtering in both Event and Task Tag filtering only for tasks
expected in 0.8.5 beta 7
Saved Filters (for tasks) Available Not Available (might be 1.1)
Sign up for newsletter Available Not Available
Ability to manually sort projects in the sidebar Available Not Available
Free / Busy / Tentative coloring on events Available Not Available
Franklin Covey Priorities Available Available since M9 beta 4
Emailing invites to meeting attendees Available for google calendars Available since M9 beta 5
Image / Contact Attachments on Events/Tasks Available Not Available
Ability to turn off alarms on a per-calendar basis Available Not Available
Export calendar as ics file Available Not Available


Here are some other changes planned for Informant for macOS 1.0 & beyond

  • Available in the mac app store
  • Google groups functionality used during beta will be moving to uservoice forum after the release.