We love it when people refer to their Pocket Informant app as “Old Faithful.” When something is called Old Faithful, it’s usually because it’s reliable and dependable—much like Old Faithful—the famous Yellowstone National Park geyser.

Did you know that Pocket Informant has been available on various platforms since 1997? In that time the application has changed a lot—as have devices and our customers.

Informant continues to evolve, we listen to our customers, we follow the market trends for similar applications, and we always try to look as far into the future as we can and prepare Informant for the changes.

Along those lines we’ve spent the first quarter of 2018 shoring up all of the improvements we made during a busy 2017. As a result, Informant for iOS and macOS is more reliable than ever before. The watch application has been made much more stable and a myriad of behind the scenes improvements have been made.

Now we’re turning to the fun part, bringing new features to the application and basing them on the many great suggestions that our customers have submitted to us. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to contact us!

While we cannot implement every idea that is submitted, the top vote getters on our interactive feature request system get the most attention from our engineering team. Make sure your opinion counts by visiting our feedback forum.