They say that dogs age 7 years for every 1 human year. Based on similar logic, iPhones and apps must age at least 15 years for every 1 human year.  If you are using a 5 year old iPhone it is definitely ready for retirement; not to Florida, but to the junk drawer. The iPhone 4S was a great phone when it was new back in 2011, but now… lets face it… Now, it is just O.L.D.
Every time Apple releases a new phone or a new operating system such as iOS11 (most recent), it makes the old software obsolete and developers, like us, need to tweak or rebuild our apps.  That has happened a number of times since 2008 when we released our first version of Pocket Informant on iOS.  The latest new OS from Apple (iOS11), has caused some of the O.L.D. versions of Pocket Informant  (2.64 and Informant Go) to stop working. Each time we release a new app we send in app messages, email campaigns, website campaigns, press releases, and yell from the roof tops.  However, some people choose not to upgrade…until it is too late.  Now, if you are one of the technology laggards, or otherwise missed the messages to upgrade, and has neglected to upgrade during any one of the last 20+ upgrades we have offered, you might be thinking you waited too long and all your data is lost… But don’t fear.  We still can help you out…(but time is running out…really…this time we mean it).

Error:  Pocket Informant 2.64 will not update to the current release

If you are experiencing trouble getting your Pocket Informant 2.64 or Informant Go to update to the current release you can follow the instructions below and you will be up and running very soon! This information is also found in our FAQ/ Knowledge base here

The following applies to Informant 2-2.64 and Informant Go!  The Informant application was retired 5 years ago.  In the weeks before the application was retired we did in app messaging, we ran several promotions, sent newsletters and did a social media blitz asking our customers to purchase the Informant upgrade available at that time.  However we did not force any customer to upgrade.  Now 5 years later iOS 11 does not support any of the old 32-bit applications.  We can, however, help you with a less well known method of recovering your data from the old app and getting you set up for the future with Informant, the steps follow below.

What you will need to do is:
1) Go to the App Store and install Informant 5 and purchase a subscription to the application.
2) Then, connect the device to iTunes on your computer via the usb cable.
3) In iTunes click on the device, file sharing, click on the old Informant icon and save the file pim.informantdata to your desktop.
4) Submit a support ticket to Informant support at:   Attach the file from #3) to this case and we will convert it for you and send it back with installation instructions.
We should also note, that if you were using Informant Sync these steps would not be necessary.  With Informant Sync, you Informant data is backed up to the cloud and you can easily restore to any devices connected to your Informant Sync account.

Julia Hawkins 100yrs old Gold Medalist

By the way, did you see the story about Julia Hawkins, the 100 year old woman who ran the 50-yard dash in 40 seconds and won a Gold Medal in her age group?  What an inspiration. We are huge fans of staying physically active for as long as you live, but… If you have an old iPhone, or an old Pocket Informant app, its time to give it an upgrade.
(Napoleon the Pomeranian  is 70 in dog yrs old and still active every day. He stays healthy by eating lots of fruits and vegetables and going for daily walks)