What’s coming to Informant 5.xx for iOS?

[Originally published: April 4th, 2017]     [Last Updated: June 20, 2017]

This post is dedicated to letting you know what features, fixes, and improvement are coming to Informant 5 for iOS, and which ones have been recently completed..   The content of this post will be changing so come back and check it out often.

Recent Releases:


Next Up: What will be coming next in Informant for iOS 5.2x and beyond?

The next major release for Informant 5 for iOS will be 5.2 – We expect 5.2 release to be ready in late June or Early July and will include some improvements to the View Picker including one-click access between tasks & calendar views & some configuration options as well and some fixes/improvements to Triggers.  (see video demonstrating view picker changes)

Informant 5 for iOS( 5.2 – Coming soon) – in beta now

  • Improvements to new Trigger feature
    • Improvements to I5 Triggers
    • Add option for All Day
    • Possibly add Alarms
    • Create trigger from existing task/event.

Here are a few other ideas that have been suggested by users and will probably make a future release. You can add your vote to these suggestions:

To see what has been requested and to participate in voting for new features:


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