I’ve been reading some of the App Store reviews and while the vast majority are 4 or 5 stars, the 1 and 2 star ones sometimes drive me up the wall because sometimes the issue is a misunderstanding, sometimes its an expectation that for $10 you get 10 years of free upgrades, and sometimes we learn things.

One thing I just realized is that if someone is testing out a free trial to Informant Sync (which is a paid option because that covers the costs of the servers for us), and then let it expire – if they don’t turn off the sync – then every time the app tries to sync with Informant sync, it will bring up the “Informant Sync expired” page. Its a page that lets you pay for Informant Sync and lets you know of its benefits. Reading the reviews, however, a lot of people think we are pushing ads on them every time they start Informant.

Because I don’t really run with Informant Sync in an expired state, I never really thought of this. Its obvious in hindsight.

To be clear, no – we are not pushing ads on you. Informant is simply trying to sync and letting you know that account is expired. I will be changing this for 4.82 to disable the sync account if the user doesn’t renew so that the expiration dialog doesn’t come up again.