Now Available.

We are pleased to announce a new update for Informant for macOS v 1.1.
This is a free update if you have previously purchased Informant for macOS v1.

NOTE: Informant for macOS now requires macOS Sierra (10.12) or better

• NEW: Created the ability to exports Tasks to a CSV file. Simply right-click on any grouping of tasks (in the sidebar) and choose Export…
• NEW: Created the ability to exports Notes as a Text / RTF / RTFD file (simply drag a note to the Finder)
• Added option to auto-sync every 5 minutes
• You can now subscribe to our newsletter when signing into Informant Sync

• When applying a trigger that contains subtasks or checklist items, the editor now opens the subtask section
• Fixed rare issue where sometimes sync accounts would fail to authenticate
• The wrong columns were being shaded on mini-months if the first day of week was not Sunday
• Fixed issue where Informant might describe certain Apple Calendar events as repeating on the “0th Saturday” of the month
• When you turn off Apple Calendar and Reminder data, we now disable the option to show alarms for Apple Data
• Fixed crash when selecting a note in the search results sidebar
• Past All Day events were not being properly faded (in table views)
• When dismissing the event editor, the manual time zone picker could stay on screen
• Fixed several issues trying to edit Smart Filters that were doing inequality comparisons on dates
• Fixed crash related to creating a Smart Filter
• Fixed issue where you’d get unexpected results if you made an exception on the root event of a recurring series and changed the “All Day” flag
• Checklists were sometimes getting randomly re-sorted
• If you double-clicked-to-edit a calendar in the Manage Calendar settings, the Sync Account popup was not getting set correctly in the editor
• Choosing a custom time zone on an event could lead to a crash if the event was on a calendar that was already being locked to a specific time zone
• After being converted from Templates, Triggers sometimes wouldn’t automatically sync up to Informant Sync.
• Mojave: Fixed numerous issues with Drag & Drop
• Mojave: Repeatedly prompting for access to Apple Calendar and Reminders
• Mojave: Toolbar icons were too high
• Mojave: Notes icon was way too large in the editor
• Mojave: Fixed issue with section headers in the Focus View Sidebar
• Mojave: Calendar filter circles were not being drawn. This might also resolve an issue where they were intermittently not drawn in previous versions of macOS.
• Mojave: Fixed issue with Informant attempting to get authorized to use Apple Calendar Data, Location, and Contacts.
• Mojave: Search sidebar was visually messed up. Also, removed the unnecessary gridlines when showing the “no results found” message.
• Several visual & internal improvements