This year marked a milestone birthday for me. I won’t name the age, but it begins with a four and ends with a zero. I’m not afraid of aging; I plan to do it gracefully. Well, at least as gracefully as I can with lots of help from available products. Gray is not my best hair color…just sayin’.

This birthday has made me take a hard look at my overall health. I’ve never been what you would call athletic, never been a huge nutrition guru. My kids drank koolaid and ate candy. You can usually find some type of chocolate in my house. I channel Paula Deen and Ree Drummond in my cooking. Add all of those things together, and they don’t equal “healthy”. I want to better! I need to do better! I want to be healthy and active in 10 years. Oh, did I mention I’m also not self-motivated? I can think of a million things I’d rather do than exercise.

Yeah…you can shake your head in pity now.

There’s hope; all is not lost! I have been using Pocket Informant for years now, and I literally rely on it for everything. A spark went off in my brain around the time of my birthday. It might have been a fuse blowing, but hey, the results were almost genius-level.  I had the idea to use Pocket Informant as my motivator. I’m very easily motivated by what I’ve already done, and how far I’ve come. Give me a goal and it looks daunting. Show me where I used to be, and I’m like “Yeah, I can do this!”.

I began by creating a calendar to track my workouts. I made it really bright and happy because let’s face it, I need bright and happy when I’m working out. Then because I’m very visual, and I’m a girl who likes pretty things, I added a flower icon. Ah….it makes me happy just thinking about it. As a last step I made a template called “Workout” so that I can add it to my calendar with minimal effort. I need to save my energy, ya know.

Now when I go to the gym I pull up Informant on my phone, add my workout, and go do my thing. It’s so satisfying to look back and see how many workouts I’ve done in the recent past. It’s like my own little gold stars. 🙂 And on a serious note, I really can feel the difference. My endurance is better, I actually have muscles in my legs, and <gasp> I can run. 

I won’t be on the cover of any fitness magazines, but I’m doing what I can to be able to run with my grandkids when they come along.

Now, if I can only train my Informant to slap food out of my hands I’ll be good to go!





Amy Sandlin