Informant 5 for iOS 5.03  beta 1, beta 2, and beta 3 are now with beta testers (as of Feb 10, 2017)

[Post updated Feb 10 with beta 3 info]

Beta 1 on  5.03 on Informant 5 for iOS is out to Beta testers as of Jan 9, 2017.  Here are some of the items that we plan to have addressed or fixed. Version 5.03 will continue to improve stability and various aspects of our user interface.  Here are just a few of the items being addressed in this release:

Beta 1 – Sent to Beta Testers Jan 9, 2017.

  • Force-touch change of start time on Apple Event isn’t reliable
  • Agenda view intermittently “loses” (or ignores) the calendar filter
  • Applying trigger with subtasks might crashing
  • Crash when picking a parent tasks from a filtered list
  • Pictures embedded in notes not syncing with Informant Sync
  • Fix: Force touch to remove start date on task also removed due date
  • Fix: Crash in Contacts View
  • Localization Improvements
  • A handful of time zone related formatting / logic / UI issues

Beta 2 – Sent to Beta Testers as of Feb 2, 2017

  • LOTS of improvements to search view
  • Fixed crash that could occur when tapping on a recurring event in search results
  • Fixed crash that could occur when contacts appeared in search results
  • Tapping on a search result now shows you the summary popover instead of taking you to the editor (to be more consistent with how all other views work)
  • Tapping on a Birthday Event in search results now shows the contact record for that person
  • Search results better handle the situation when there’s a data change while search results are showing
  • The search results list should be a lot less “refreshy / jumpy”
  • Events in search results are now in chronological order (it was previously sorting All Day events to the top, then starting over with timed events)
  • Search results now automatically scroll to the closest event to “today” after they are done loading
  • Numerous improvements to the Today Widget
  • Tapping weather and the ‘+’ button no longer take you to PI4 if it’s installed
  • Numerous stability improvements
  • Numerous internal improvements to sizing, redraw, etc
  • When collapsing the widget, we now change back to “Today” instead of leaving you on the selected day (this makes more sense because the week row disappears in collapsed mode)
  • The widget would not reliably show you the “More…” indicator if there was too much data to fit within the widget
  • Force touch on the view picker button now takes you to Focus View
  • Logging into an Evernote sync account would loop you back to PI4 if it was installed
  • Rotating your device to landscape would hang / crash Informant if you were in the Month Detail View
  • Fixed issue where sometimes restoring a backup wouldn’t work as expected
  • Backing up settings works as expected again
  • The notes editor would shrink if you rotated back/forth on a Plus-sized phone
  • The notes editor would shrink to make room for the keyboard even when you weren’t using the on-screen keyboard (i.e. when you use an external keyboard). It also didn’t completely handle the “split keyboard” on iPad very well.
  • Plus-sized iPhones were very inconsistent about how they presented the event & task editor while in landscape (sometimes it was full screen, sometimes it was presented as a “page”)
  • Fixed issue with saving the change to “Project Type” in the project editor
  • Fixed issue where notes cells would appear blank if you set your Task Row mode to Background Color
    Plus, these fixes were done as part of M9, and 5.03 beta 2 is inheriting them:
  • Fixed issue where a default task due date setting of “Next Friday” would really apply “Next Thursday”
  • Fixed issue where creating a new Reminder list/project within Informant might not create it in the Apple Reminders App
  • Fixed crash when applying a template that contained a location in both the event and task editors
  • New Next Action logic:
    • Parent / child tasks are treated more like “sub-projects” now. If you set a parent task to “Active”, then the first subtask will become the Next Action.
    • This means you can now have multiple next actions within a given project (the first task in the project along with the first subtask of each “active” parent task)
    • During automatic Next Action promotion, if the first task in a project is a parent task, it will now set that parent task to Active and the first subtask will become the Next Action
    • Next action promotion now stops if it hits a task that is in the Hold or Planning status

Beta 3  – was sent to testers as of Feb 10th.

  • NEW: View Picker buttons can now be customized with a new setting (Settings -> View Settings -> Enable Views)
  • The Time Picker better handles setting times in other time zones (before it would be inconsistent when what it showed in the picker wheel vs what was displayed in the editor’s date/time row)
  • In the editor, selecting a calendar that is locked to a time zone now properly sets the time zone of the date/time pickers
  • Sometimes selecting a saved filter wouldn’t properly apply the filter
  • Hitting the “Today” button in the column week view would always put “Today” in the first column regardless of your “First day of week” setting
  • Column week view would not automatically redraw itself when you changed the First Day of Week setting
  • The App Badge was not always being set correctly for “today” (sometimes it would get set to “tomorrow’s” value)
  • Fixed issue where you might sometimes see “ghost” duplicate events when editing a repeating event on the Agenda View
  • Fixed issue when completing a checklist item on the Agenda View where all checklist items would disappear until you collapsed/re-expanded the checklist
  • The “Move Calendar Data” button was broken in the calendar editor
  • Sometimes time zone labels could be incorrectly displayed / overlapping on an event row
  • Address various minor UI issues
  • A few stability improvements
  • Date Time picker fixes
    • fix: inconsistent times w/ other time zone
    • fix: toggle all day flag, changes date
    • fix: alarm bug when collapsing date picker

Expected Schedule:
To Beta Testers:
-Beta 1: Week of Jan 9, 2017 -Done
-Beta 2:  To beta Testers Feb 2, 2017 – Done
-Beta 3: To beta Testers Feb 10
-(expected) Submit to Apple:  Feb 16, 2017


Informant for iOS 5.1  

As soon as 5.03 is submitted to Apple, we will be working on a 5.1. Here are the main areas we’ll be focusing on for Informant 5.1

  • Lots of improvements to new Date/Time Picker
  • Improvements to new View Picker
    • Left handed navigation
  • Improvements to new Trigger feature
  • A native watchOS 3 app (complete with a watch face complication)
  • Fix for change Google is making to OAuth on April 20th change that would otherwise break our Google Sync.


Please note: 5.03 & 5.01 are active development projects.  All dates and specific items referenced here a subject to change.  We share the detail here as a convenience to the potentially affected users.