January 11, 2016 – Thank you all so much for your participation!  It was fun to read how everyone benefits from technology in a personal way. The winner of this giveaway is rpfarrah@gmail.com  – “I am very task-oriented. I work off of a priorited daily task list and PI helps me take all of this with me across all of my platforms: office windows computer (Outlook) and my android tablet and cell phone. The more info I have at my fingertips, the more likely I am to meet my goals.” Please contact amy@fanaticsoftware.com to claim your prizes.




Today is National Technology Day.  I know, it seems like there’s a “day” for everything, right? But this, this is one that I celebrate gladly! While we have all had moments where we crave the simplicity of a technology-free life (think Amish) I doubt very seriously that we would be willing to give it all up for very long. We depend upon it to make our lives easier. I would not want to wash my clothes by hand, cook over an open fire, light my home with candles, etc. It just doesn’t excite me. I embrace the advances and devices that walk with me through my days.

Keeping in touch with family is so much easier with technology.  My eldest son is in the USAF, and stationed overseas. When we were sending him off I couldn’t help but think of those mothers in the past who sent their sons off, not knowing when they would hear from them again or see their faces. We are blessed to not only be able to text, speak on the phone and email, but we face-time quite often. He even joined in on our Christmas morning via face-time. We propped the phone up on the entertainment center so he could see, and “the little man in the box” was able to enjoy the time with us. 🙂

In my family we are extremely grateful for medical technology. I have two children who would not be alive today if we were dependent upon the medical expertise of the past. My youngest son is type 1 diabetic, and is able to live a full and successful life due to medical advances. My youngest daughter is a stroke survivor, and lived for 10 years with epilepsy. In 2013 she had brain surgery to disconnect the left side of her brain, and has remained seizure-free since. What a blessing that we reap the benefits of medical technology for both of these precious children!

And of course, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the technology that allows me to smoothly move through my days – my Informant. I personally use it on my iOS devices and my Macbook, so it’s literally at my fingertips at all times. Remember the days of the bulky personal planners? Yikes! So glad we don’t have to do that anymore. It’s second nature to whip out my phone and put in appointment information (I don’t even bother with the little reminder cards) tasks to be completed, checklists and more. I love it!

So, how do you benefit from technology? Comment below and be entered in a giveaway for the Informant product of your choice, plus a $25 Starbucks gift card. Coffee and technology…they just go together, right? 🙂



*One entry per person. Duplicates will be automatically disqualified. Winners will be selected at random, and announced Friday, January 8, 2016.

Amy  Sandlin