Wow! What a response! Our customers are fantastic. Truly special. I’m honored to be working with Chris, Tabetha, Keith, and Wesley to make this release a fantastic one. Yes, there are a few bugs – there always are. Chris is hard at work on a 5.01 and we’ve already begun internal testing of that release and hope to have that 5.01 release in the near term.

You may have noticed a new name in the list above – Keith. He’s been replying to a lot of comments on Twitter, on our page here, and elsewhere. Keith is a marketing Fanatic (get it?) and has been the driving force for our surveys, tweets, and a better two-way conversation with our customers. You will be seeing a lot more of him 🙂

Informant 5 is a labor of love for me. There were major aspects of it that were direct implementations of my vision – the Informant Home screen, the new bottom-focused action toolbar and scrolling navigation at the top. Email. Triggers. Moving the date picker into the editor, but in what I consider a better implementation that Apple’s and many competitors. I love all of things about Informant 5 and find my day-to-day productivity greatly increased. However, its not perfect – most first releases aren’t.  There are things we can and should improve: the date picker needs a better way to handle inputting days, especially those that fall opposite of where today is; we can probably use iPhone 7+ and iPad screen space better for the date picker; Informant Home’s view picker should be more customizable and offer more shortcuts; and of course some bugs fell through the testing. But overall, for a X.00 release – I am ecstatic! Most of the reported bugs will be fixed in the 5.01 update – and we will continue to listen to your feedback.

Pricing for Informant 5 is a conversation-starter, to say the least. As consumers of software ourselves, moving to a subscription was risky. No, rewrite that – is risky. We’ve watched major apps move to subscription and blow up and some thrive. We have a rich history of making major improvements to our software on a continuous basis, and with Informant 5 we have a rich template for the features and improvements we are making for the next year. Furthermore, we will be making an announcement in the coming weeks and months that will further solidify our promise to you that you will be excited! about what’s coming to subscribers: I’ll give you a sneak peak – we’ll be unlocking a whole new level of productivity that people have been asking us to do for 15 years through a partnership that I think will be amazing. Stay tuned – I know I’ve said that a lot over the last few months, but I guess I get a bit optimistic in my timelines sometimes 🙂