Informant 5 for Android

We are starting now to gather the list of fixes, changes and improvements for Informant 5 for Android. We are still early in the process. If you want to share your thoughts or feedback you can check out the following blog post, or the Android Product Feedback Forum.

Here is what our “Wish List for Informant Android” looks like right now:

  1. Make it look more like Informant 5 for iOS
  2. Convert a list of tasks into one checklist
  3. Easier to access/understand filters
  4. Easier ways to choose which calendars to sync/view- Fixed
  5. Fix google calendar color sync issue – Fixed
  6. Simplified sort options for tasks
  7. Simplified settings (what does large first day mean?)
  8. Option to view tasks on start date, today (past due) or due dates in calendar view
  9. Sync notes with google keep
  10. Remove option to access local Samsung calendars since we don’t support that – Fixed
  11. Popup on install indicating google calendar must also be installed to sync
  12. More obvious backup save option to dropbox or local. Is backup to google drive an option – Fixed
  13. Badge counts
  14. Drag and drop for events and tasks
  15. Access to subscribed calendars again
  16. Ability to logout of sync account or turn off sync (like iOS sync options)
  17. Color options that aren’t grouped into a theme.   (now want to change the weekend color, must change to that theme and apply all custom colors)
  18. When writing note, have title of note be the first data entered
  19. Password protect
  20. Simplified default options (now must tap menu bars to set default for event time/date)
  21. Sync to other non-traditional calendar apps (paprika for example)
  22. Occasional sync issues with IS (calendar colors changing to black or icons missing)
  23. Assign new calendar to either google or IS-now if IS is setup it automatically goes there, no way to change – Fixed