Hello friends, our first iOS 13 optimized release is now available!!

The following items are fixed!

Some iOS 13 users experienced stalling or crashing of the application when opening it

All users of devices without a home button on iOS 13 could not use the application search function

Some users were still getting “title too long” error messages

The following items are new or updated!

Removed the manual time zone setting in the Pocket Informant settings.  This was an old setting from the 1.x Pocket Informant that was no longer necessary with the Travel Assist feature being available.  The application will use the devices time zone as its timezone. All other in app time zone functions remain unchanged.

The support case framework was updated.  Our support vendor introduced new API’s to make the support cases more reliable and they have been fully implemented.

New devices no longer support 3d Touch so for those devices we added Haptic Touch and updated the “Tap-Hold” function for non Haptic devices to work better.  This functionality is also available on the iPad for the first time!!

We have revised shortcuts to add more functionality including adding items such as titles and dates for both events and tasks.

On devices without a home button the search/weather screen has been updated for iOS 13.  To clear the screen swipe the view down from the top.

We included other minor fixes and reliability improvements as well.

This is our first iOS 13 update more fixes of iOS 13 related concerns will be coming soon, stay tuned!!!

Some items that will be addressed in subsequent updates will be as follows, (not all issues are affecting all users)-

Slow load of data in the Focus and Month View

iOS Dark Mode Optimization

iOS Share Sheet Inclusion

Notes View Search not working

These along with some other iOS 13 specific fixes will be coming in soon!

Thanks to all of our customers as always!!! You are the best and we appreciate every one of you!!