We are continuing to put out rapid releases on Informant 5 for iOS.  Release 5.2 (beta 2)  is now available to the beta group (as of June 28, 2017).  We are expecting this to be available to the general public next week.

New in Release 5.2  (beta 1 & beta 2 release notes)

Beta 1: Release Notes

• NEW!  View Picker “Shortcut” Bar has been added to solve the issue of “one-click” between most used views.

Customizable “Shortcut Bar”

  • In the “Enable Views” setting, you can now pick views that you would like shortcuts to.  Those shortcuts will appear in a bar that comes out of the View Picker button.  This gives you 1-tap access to your favorite views.  On iPad, all view options show, but you can still choose which shortcuts to show when Informant is in “compact” mode on iPad (like when it’s presented in a slide-over view).

• Improved! Main navigation SmartBar now appears faster.
• Improved!  We spent some time improving the color scheme for Dark Mode to improve readability
• Improved!  Tasks on iPad now have a full swipe action set and doesn’t use the “force touch” menu
• Improved!  On iPad, we no longer hide the master view controller in landscape
• Fixed “Stable Connection Error” when trying to log into certain mail servers
• Fixed issue with Google Task sync where clearing a due date wouldn’t sync that change back up to Google
• Contacts were not sorted properly if you had a mix of company and people contacts.
• Trigger fixes:
• Fixed issue where the duration picker would remain on screen if you didn’t close it before dismissing the Trigger Editor
• When backing up to the main trigger list, it now properly deselects the previously selected trigger
• Fixed issue where the location address couldn’t be cleared from a Trigger in the Trigger Editor
• Improved date formatting for the columns on days / column week view
• Fixed 5.1 regression that would cause crash when choosing an auto-suggested contact in the title field of a new event and choosing “Meet With”
• Fixed date formatter regression in 5.1 (this affected display dates in a few areas, like the notes list)
• Fixed regression in 5.1 where force-touch-add-note was failing for Apple Events.
• In rare cases, the App Badge might be a day off when setting it to show “today’s date”
• Fixed issue using “Jump to Date” when using the Buddhist Calendar
• Added button in Advanced Settings to force-reset Apple Watch data
• A few stability improvements

Beta 2:

• NEW!  You can now make a trigger out of an existing event or task
• NEW!  You can now set the “All Day” flag in Event Triggers (it’s the first option in the Hour field)
• Improved!  When choosing to make a Trigger event-only or task-only, the opposing section is now hidden
• Improved!  When viewing an event or task in the “Summary Popover”, we have added data detectors to make more things clickable (like tracking numbers, flight numbers, etc)
• Improved!  In the focus view, you can swipe left/right on blank space or a header to navigate between days
• Sometimes a saved filter had to be selected twice before it would actually get applied
• When in a event/task editor, only show triggers relevant to that type of calendar item
• If you were typing a keyword in the trigger editor and didn’t hit *Return* before saving the trigger, the new keyword would not have been saved
• The subtask & tag sections are larger in the Trigger Editor
• In certain situations, triggers would incorrectly autofill the Trigger name into the title field of your calendar item if there was no title defined in the Trigger itself
• When using a keyword to invoke a trigger in your event/task editor, we now remove the keyword from the title field
• The “+” button is now centered across all views so that it can be easily reached when holding the phone with either left or right hand
• Project folder icons were hard to see in Dark Theme in the Trigger editor
• Another improvement to sorting the Contacts list (to better handle the case where a contact is missing either a first or last name)
• When throwing a location alarm for a context, don’t include tasks that haven’t started yet in the alert text
• Various visual / UI improvements
• Numerous stability improvements throughout the app

Beta 4   Beta 4 is processing – should be released tonight July 6, 2017.
Here are the release notes:

*NOTE:* We’ve been doing a lot of work on the logic that controls our Apple Watch complication.  The good news is that Time Travel now works!  Please note, however, that the logic isn’t fully tested yet and this is our first release to test on an actual device.  One thing specifically that might not work is if you make changes to events that occur “today”, the complication might not update itself to reflect those changes.  We will be addressing this in the next beta.

• Time Travel now works on Apple Watch complication
• Fixed a few logic issues relating to what to show in the Apple Watch complication.  Specifically some situations where events for “tomorrow” would show prior to 5pm “today”
• Improved the “first time initialization” of data for Apple Watch
• The Small complication on the Simple watch face is now available (simple calendar icon to launch the app)
• Fixed issue where location alarms on Contexts might show “More…” even when there weren’t more tasks to show
• Fixed issue where you couldn’t hit “Done” or “Cancel” when setting a due date on a project
• Fixed issue where multi-day repeating events might show duplicate occurrences in certain situations
• Using an emoji as your search string to search for Apple Calendar events should now work properly

Beta 5:  Release Notes  (Aug 12, 2017)

• Better handling when you use emojis as keywords for triggers
• When you apply a trigger to an existing event with a title, there are no longer multiple spaces between the original title and the trigger title
• Improved performance on calendar views in situations where you had “a lot” of events/tasks on a given day (i.e. hundreds or thousands)
• Task triggers were not properly preserving project information when syncing to another device
• Uncompleting a Google Task now syncs that change back to Google properly
• Continued improvements to the logic for Apple Watch complications
• More proactive about updating the content on an Apple Watch complication
• Improvements to help keep Apple Watch data up to date
• Potentially resolved a rare crash when adding contacts to a group
• Fixed issue where only one alarm would fire if you added multiple alarms to an Apple Event
• Removing / Cancelling an alarm on an Apple Event didn’t always work as expected
•  The wrong saved filter options were showing on task and notes lists
•  Continued tweaks to the Today Widget.  Took some steps to reduce memory footprint.

Beta 6:  (Aug 13, 2017)

Release Candidate
• Fixed issue where changing your Apple Calendar settings would throw a notification on a background thread on Apple Watch
• Apple Watch complications are updated a bit more aggressively now
• Deleting an event didn’t update Apple Watch complications
• Fixed a situation where sometimes the “more…” indicator on Today Widget wouldn’t show when it should have
• Attempting to avert a crash when we hit low memory conditions in the Today Widget

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