The much anticipated Informant for iOS 5.1 is “in the wild”, or in other words, it has been released to the public. It went to  Apple on June 1, 2017 and was released for download on June 6, 2017.

Here are the Release notes for Informant 5.1:

  • Improvements to New Date/Time Picker
    • The new date picker remains inline with the editor, makes picking dates much more intuitive, and adapts with the size & orientation of your device.
    • Tap-hold (or force-touch) on the month view to jump back to Today.
  • New native watchOS 3 app (complete with a watch face complications)
    • shows your events for the current week, shows tasks that are due, overdue or starred
  • Informant now defaults to light mode
  • Improvements to search
    • “contains” search
    • Search by emoji
  • Updated our existing localizations & added a brand new language: Czech!  The Czech localization isn’t 100% just yet, but it’s a great start and we’re glad to have it join the long list of languages that Informant offers.  Thanks so much to all the hard work of those involved in these localizations!



  • The “Import Flagged” button now works properly on Mail view
  • Fixed issue where tapping “Create Tag” didn’t work when making a new tag from the event or task editor
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the wrong template could be chosen from the “new” menu
  • Fixed issue with printing your calendar when you had a filter set
  • Image attachments wouldn’t show up properly in the iPad event/task editor
  • The “complete” button works again on the Today Widget
  • We no longer try to influence the appearance of the Apple Event Editor – it is effectively locked to the “light theme”. This causes it to still be useable even when the app is using the Dark Theme
  • Improvements to search
  • The attendee icon wouldn’t appear on event rows for Apple Calendar events when it should have
  • A couple improvements to alarm processing including a timing issue where alarms on iOS events wouldn’t always properly update after making changes to iOS Calendar Settings (like which iOS Calendars to include)
  • You could put Informant into an inconsistent state between the default task sync account and the default task project
  • Fixed cosmetic issues that could occur in sync settings sometimes when navigating back and forth
  • Minor visual improvements across several views
  • Several internal improvements including some stability improvements


There were a few other items that we wanted to get into 5.1 but we know a lot of you are excited to get some of the above improvements as soon as possible.  We have another release planned in the near-ish future that is primarily focused on some improvements to Informant 5’s View Picker and Triggers.  You can read more about our future plans here.  We’re really excited about this getting Informant 5.1 to you guys and we can’t wait to see what Apple reveals at WWDC’s keynote on Monday!

Informant 5.11 Release Notes  [Available on iTunes  June 12, 2017]

  • Fixed a hang that could occur on Focus View if you had an event with an attendee to display
  • Fixed issue where selecting a location suggestion in the event or task editor wouldn’t properly fill out the street address in the location field of the editor
  • Fixed crash when tapping on an attendee in the Focus view
  • Fixed a crash that would occur under certain circumstances when turning on Apple Reminders
  • Fixed issue where you could (very intermittently) experience gaps or duplicate occurrences of recurring events in your calendar view
  • Fixed regression in 5.10 where you could no longer could see the date row when picking an end date for repeating events
  • A few specific improvements related


To make suggestions for new features or to vote for existing suggestions check out our user feedback forum.