If you have been following the previous posts you will know that we have spent a good deal of time polishing up Informant 5 for iOS (5.0 – 5.03).  Here is the latest release 5.04. This is an “extra” release from what we had previously announced.  Free for existing Informant 5 owners, this is a paid upgrade for Informant 4.94 users.

Available in Apple’s App Store as of:  March 17, 2017

Here is what is included in Informant 5 for iOS 5.03• When you include the “Tasks Completed” section on Focus View, it now shows up for past dates as well (it used to only show on “today”)
Substantial performance improvements when handling a lot of Apple Calendar data.  This is especially evident on Month View and Year View
• Fixed regression in 5.03 that caused Agenda View navigation to not behave properly when it contained dates that spanned a Daylight Savings Time transition
• Fixed regression in 5.03 that would cause crash when editing Franklin Covey Priorities
• Fixed crash that would sometimes occur in focus view when changing days
• Fixed long-standing crash that might occur if you changed from one calendar view to another while data was still loading
• Fixed crash when adding alarms to an event on an Exchange calendar
• Location alarms should now fire more appropriately based on whether they are set to fire when “Arriving” or “Leaving” a location
• Many actions would not work correctly when force-touching a search result
• When you used a force-touch action to change the project on a task, the change might not have been immediately reflected on screen
• Force-touch-email was broken for tasks
• The image picker/previewer that slides up when you tap on the image attachments in an event/task popover was not properly showing the image thumbnails
• Duplicating an occurrence of a repeating event no longer puts the recurrence rule on the new duplicate event – it now just duplicates that one occurrence (this behavior is the more common expectation).
• The order of “scope options” now makes more sense when deleting an occurrence of a repeating event
• Fixed a couple consistency & usability issues related to the date/time picker
• When you edit an Exchange event, the “1 alarm limit” is immediately applied in the editor
• Fixed some internal data handling issues – especially when sending data to the widget
• A few minor cosmetic improvements
• The button to show customers how to set up Outlook Sync now works again and points to a new webpage we have set up