[Update 12/21/2016  11am CST  Informant 5.02 for iOS is available in iTunes. It should be available for download in your market within 24 hours]

Informant 5.02 for iOS is just about ready to get submitted to iTunes for public release. It is currently with the beta group. This release is mainly focused on bug fix & stability issues. The first version of this release went to beta users evening of 12/15/16. We are working hard to make sure this 5.02 release can get approved by Apple by 12/23/16 when Apple goes into their Holiday Shutdown. We figure we need to have 5.02 submitted to them for public release by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. So far, here is what we are planning to include in 5.02:

  • Fixed issue where unwanted text would get put into the title field of the task editor when applying a trigger
  • Fixed long-standing issue where you could not “quick select” a tag in the filter screen if it had no color. Better visuals in filter and tag picker when dealing with clear tags
  • If you applied a clear tag to an event/task, the name of that tag would not appear in the display summary popover (text was clear)
  • Fixed issue where Informant Sync accounts that were created “soon” after an in-app subscription was purchased would fail to properly update the Informant Sync expiration date (it would stick at the default 2 weeks)
  • Fixed a crash when the view filter decoded a bad Informant ID
  • Updated a few “template” references to say “trigger”
  • Fixed a couple crashes that could seemingly occur randomly
  • Fixed crash when importing ICS files that contained an X-PROPERTY that I5 didn’t handle (like Apple’s travel time property)
  • Fixed crash in notes view when selecting multiple notes and applying an action
  • Improved visuals when multi-selecting/de-selecting notes
  • It was impossible to cancel when you tapped the Trim button on an audio note. The experience trimming an audio note is a bit better in general.
  • Fixed issue that was likely the cause of crashes in Contacts view
  • Fixed crash that would occur during startup when upgrading from PI4 to I5 (especially if you had a “large” database)
  • Fixed issue when upgrading from PI4 to I5 where Informant incorrectly created a task project for each of your Evernote Notebooks

And… additional stuff added just before final submit

  • Some stability and layout improvements to the Informant Widget
  • Informant Widget now shows overdue tasks in red
  • Informant Widget and Create Extension title are now localized
  • Fixed issue where the view picker button would sometimes disappear on plus-sized iPhones
  • Fixed issue where sometimes you would rotate into a completely grey screen on plus-sized iPhones
  • Other stability general improvements

We do know that a number of users are wanting to see some navigation menu and date picker changes and we are putting some work into that, although it won’t be part of 5.02.  We have already drawn up a few design concepts for new date pickers and Chris has shared a few thoughts on what ideas he has for navigation.

Please know that we are working (hard) on all this stuff right now. If you are among the users who are frustrated because we have “added clicks” or “moved a feature” we are confident that we will get these things to be better and we will round off some of the rough edges on this new release.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Apple review process does not take too long this time around.  Holidays can add a bit of uncertainty to that process.

[Update:  5.02 was submitted to Apple on 12/19/2016 ]