[Blog Update Dec 8, 2016: 6pm Central time.  5.01 will be available for download from iTunes by 8am Friday Dec 9 2016]

Informant 5 for iOS hit the app store on November 30th, 2016.  As of Dec 5 we have identified the following fixes to be released as part of 5.01 which will be submitted to apple in next 48 hours and should be available in iTunes by end of this week.

Fixes that are in Informant 5.01 for iOS

• Fixed crash in the event editor if you had a conflicting event
• Fixed crash in the Time Zone picker
• Fixed crash when changing the recurrence rule of an existing recurring event on iPad
• Tapping the Tips / Help section did nothing. Fixed.
• Deleting all completed tasks now works as expected
• Deleting a tag on iPad would appear to freeze

• If you had a default sync account for notes and you recorded a new voice note, immediately after saving, the note row would show the “file is missing” error.  This is fixed – and as part of the first launch of 5.01, it will automatically “re-attach” the voice notes you made in 5.0.
• Event/Task Photo attachments would fail to attach if the event/task was being synced
• Moving local event/task/note with an attachment to a sync account would fail to move the actual attachment to the sync account

• You couldn’t set the year when setting an end date on a recurrence rule
• If you made an exception on a repeating event in the Focus view, it would disappear (until you forced the view to refresh)
• In specific/rare cases, you might not see an occurrence of a repeating event on certain calendar views
• Recurring event exceptions might sometimes appear duplicated.  This was cosmetic only – it wasn’t actually duplicated in the database.

• Fixed issue where duplicating a checklist would create a task with sub tasks instead of a checklist
• The parent task disclosure triangle properly converts to a completion button when you complete the last sub task

As of this post, here are a few other things we are trying to get in also. We may only get 1-2 of them before submitting to Apple.

• Some users upgrading from PI 4 are reporting crashes at startup
• Triggers seem to not always save the properties that you are setting in them
• Search gets into a bad state if there’s a data update while the search results are showing.

While 5.01 has mainly been about “fixing bugs” We also have already started  a list of items for a 5.02 release and beyond where we will deal with other issues that fall into the category of enhancements changes.

You can see the list of enhancement/ change request here: