We have been receiving quite a few requests for more training resources and more videos for product training. One of the challenges in creating static documentation resources on a product that is undergoing active development is that the resources run the risk of being outdated soon after you create them!

Another challenge in creating these resources is that it seems like there is a rabbit hole to fall into around every corner. By that, I mean that this project can go deep and wide pretty quickly.

Examples: Do we start with videos or written documentation? Which app to start with iOS, Android, or Mac? Do we start with a new user journey, or focus on specific use cases? Do we wait until everything is polished up nice and tidy, or do we piecemeal it out?  So,  we decided to take the following approach:  Start anywhere, go everywhere.

I’ll be creating a series of posts that might have some random content, but we plan to get these out in rapid succession and then come back and organize the content into a more comprehensive help resource.  This is a 1st draft or the beginning in a series of resources that we plan to offer. Your feedback is appreciated, and if you happen to see an error in the video or training materials, please note it in the comments.

Here are some of the videos we have recently created and posted to the YouTube Channel:

Informant 5 for iOS Videos

Informant for macOS


Applicable for both Informant for iOS, Android, and Informant for macOS


Here is a link to our Support portal & FAQ

If you have any additional video or help topics that you would like to see discussed, please comment below.