To be honest, Pocket Informant 4.80 took up a lot more of my time than I expected. I originally expected 4.8 to be a small 4.7x bug-fix to make sure that Informant ran well on iOS 9. As time went on, I found that even though the programming interfaces in iOS 9 didn’t change much, the behavior did and I needed to do a lot more work to support iOS 9 nicely.

My original plan was to put all of our iOS 9 eggs in the Informant 5 basket simply because there were things I wanted to do that to support iOS 9 perfectly required dropping iOS 7 support. I knew it was going to take me too long. However as time went on, I realized that Informant 5 is turning out to be our biggest update in 7 years (and one that is going to run faster and more reliably thanks to Apple giving us 2000 tester slots), I knew I couldn’t get it done in time. 4.8 was borne out of the desire to get Split-Screen productivity on iPad, 3D Touch, and a new Today widget to you guys now rather than wait longer until 5.0 was done.

And – as always happens when you get the app into the real-world you find edge cases and configurations of settings that need some touch up – and you get a large volume of feedback. So here comes Informant 4.81. We’ve touched up a few things on Informant Today, fixed a few things, and in general made 4.8 that much more solid and reliable. Here is the official What’s New:

  • We’ve improved link handling when viewing Event and Task popovers, includings locations and web links
  • Improved the Event Priority Color background setting
  • Improved Today Widget’s performance and drawing
  • Improved Toodledo Task Comment sync
  • Added all Flag emoji and some others
  • Improved handling of “No Color” tags syncing with Informant Sync
  • Improved Slideover/Split Screen launch of Informant
  • Fixed adding Locations to Saved Filters
  • Fixed a few crashes here and there
  • Improved iPad Pro optimization

4.81 is being submitted to Apple shortly (most likely today or this weekend – we’re just making sure no new issues were introduced) and if all goes well, we expect to have it released to you by November 23rd.

BTW – Informant on the iPad Pro is beautiful! Don’t take my word for it – here are some screenshots.iOS 9 MultiTaskingFocus View Tasks

And now…back to my Informant 5 work 🙂