I have always grown up with the idea of using an analog timepiece is far preferable to the digital. Aesthetically I have always preferred the analog: I love the round physicality of space that shows where I am in the day; the beautiful type of the numbers; the smooth or precise accuracy of the second hand sweeping it’s way around the dial. 

Since using an Apple Watch I have experimented with multiple watch faces: I love the Mickey face because of its whimsy, the utility face because it’s just a bit more precise and still gives me the adornments I want.   

But the face that I am using now is the modular one: the adornments are little bit bigger and sore easier to read; and I can process the information on the screen much more quickly. Aesthetically it’s not bad but it goes against my time-keeping precepts that I have embraced over the last 30 years.

I am hopeful Apple continues to give us new watch faces that will blend of more of the traditional art along with the digital beauty of the modular face. My wife would like to see a Minnie watch face. 

And for those who have read my previous article you know that I have not worn a watch in 20 years. I have really been enjoying using an Apple Watch. I chose the white band Apple Watch sport edition. I thought about the stainless steel but I’m not a fan of heavy watches. 

My progress on Watch Informant is coming along nicely. I still have plenty to do but I am expecting a really good beta in the next 2 to 3 weeks at the worst. Part of that timeframe is ramping up a version of Pocket Informant for iOS that is actually based on Desktop Informant and some of Pocket Informant 5.0 because they apply to the work I’m doing for Apple Watch.

I can’t wait for my vacation in July!