Informant for macOS Version 1.0 Beta 6 Release Notes
Planned availability: Nov 9, 2017

– Templates have been converted to Triggers! If you are an I5 customer on iOS, then you are probably familiar with Triggers, but for those who aren’t, here’s a brief overview to a fairly significant change:
– All references to “Templates” throughout the entire app have been replaced with “Triggers”
– Unlike a Template, a single Trigger can be defined to apply to an event, task or both
– With Templates, when you applied them to an event or task, they would wipe out all fields with the data contained in the Template. Triggers are far more surgical. Triggers *only* affect the fields you explicitly specify when you apply them to an event or task.
– You can set keywords on triggers so that as you type into the Title field of a new event or task, it will automatically offer to apply that trigger.
– You can now sync your triggers between Informant 5 for iOS and Informant for macOS!
– Your existing templates will be converted to Triggers on the first launch of this update.

– You can now export a calendar as an ICS file
– You now have the option to show or hide declined events (for non-Apple events)

– When you make a new tab, the collapsed state (and width) of the sidebar & the height of the mini-month in the sidebar is carried into the new tab
– Improved formatting of contacts when offering auto-complete suggestions for locations

– Beta 5 regression: When changing between views, the view filter didn’t visually update itself properly
– Beta 5 regression: The collapsed state of the sidebar wasn’t being preserved between launches
– Beta 5 regression: Sometimes the mini-month wouldn’t display in the “start date” and “due date” contextual menu items for a task.
– Potentially fixed a crash-on-launch issue that a handful of people were bumping into
– Don’t offer internal calendars to Quick Entry
– Include URL on the import/export of events
– Importing events from an ICS file could sometimes import the wrong time (depending on how the TZID was formatted)
– Exporting / Importing an event now explicitly includes time zone info if the user explicitly specified a time zone for the event
– Potentially resolved a crash that could randomly occur in Notes view
– The year view heat map no longer counts declined events
– Various fixes to the layout of our Informant Sync account preferences
– Fixed crash when snoozing an Apple Event alarm

Beta 7 – Release Candidate    (This is  now version 1.0)

– Improved printing support on Notes View
– All views now simply adopt the same agenda-style printing view that iOS uses. This gives us consistency with iOS for now and we will resume working on calendar view-specific printing layouts in future releases.
– You can now select the specific date range you want to print when you are printing a calendar view
– Fixed issue where Informant would offer to send a meeting invite even if you hadn’t set up a mail account within Informant yet
– Some localization updates