If you are using Google Calendar Sync or Google Task Sync within Informant, our previous post on changes to Google’s OAuth might have caught your attention.  (Read that post here) .  When we first heard the news from Google we were not 100% sure how it would affect us but we knew that it had the potential to cause disruption with our Google Sync users.  So, this post is dedicated to helping you understand your options related to Google sync, and the impact that is happening.

Brief overview:
Google is making changes to the way that apps can authenticate with your Google account. Effective April 20th, 2017, Google will no longer allow native OAuth requests in embedded browsers known as “web-views”.

How does it affect Informant 5 for iOS Users?
If you running Informant 5, you will want to make sure that you have the latest version.  Version 5.05 has these fixes.  This update conforms to the new authentication process that Google requires.  Once this update is posted to the App Store, everyone who updates to this release will continue to work seamlessly without disruption.

Which version are you on? Click home button>> Settings (top left) version number is displayed on top bar

How does it affect Desktop Informant for macOS?
We have already released Informant Milestone 8.5 for macOS which includes the changes necessary for this new authentication process.  If you have updated to Milestone 8.5, then Google Sync should continue to work seamlessly without disruption.

Which version are you on?  Click Informant menu >> About Informant.

How does it affect iOS Informant 4.94 Users?
If you are still using Informant 4.x (or earlier), and are currently syncing with Google Calendar/Task, then you won’t see any immediate impact.  Starting on April 20th, however, you will not be able to authenticate with Google Sync to set up a new sync account in older versions of Informant.  Consequently, this means customers who are currently syncing with Google may eventually be impacted in the following scenarios:   a) you sign out of your sync account after April 20th, and then try to log back in, or b) get a new device after April 20th, install PI 4.x and then try to set up Google Sync  or  c) if for some reason you uninstall and reinstall Informant 4.x on your existing device, then you will not be able to authenticate with Google after that.

There are a couple options for Pocket Informant 4.94 customers who want to continue to sync with Google after April 20, 2017:

  1. Upgrade to Informant 5
  2. Instead of syncing Informant directly to Google, you can set up your internal Apple Calendar to sync with Google (this is done in your iPhone/iPad Settings app in the Calendar settings).  Once Apple Calendar is syncing with Google, turn on Apple Calendar Access in Pocket Informant 4.x.  This will allow you to still manage your Google Calendar data in older versions of Pocket Informant.


How does it affect Android Informant 4, Android
We are not expecting any problems for Android users due to this change.

Finally, despite all of our planning, this change on April 20th is happening completely outside of our control (it is a change that Google is making to their authentication process).  Thus, there is always the potential for something unexpected to occur.  That said, we have made sure to cover everything we can at this point to be ready for this cutover.  Please rest assured that we will be closely monitoring Google’s cutover on April 20 and responding to cases and communicating out as best we can should any unexpected issues arise.