Since I moved to Colorado a few years ago I have never really taken the time to figure out what part of the US we are officially in. Since I’m originally from New York and then Texas, I always considered Colorado the “West” and it looks like the US Census Bureau does too – so there you go.

I’ve had a few queries of what we are up to and why we have been so quiet. Frankly, we have never been busier – its just that the stuff we have been busy on are things that we need to be quiet on until we announce them! These are not 1-2 week projects, but multi-month major company-changing projects and the end result we hope will be a huge improvement for all of our customers.

On one hand, Chris is working on wrapping up Desktop with Milestone 9 and then 1.0; I have been working on Informant 5 for iOS, and together we’ve been working on a major investment partner. All of these things are in-flux and therefore nothing is set in stone yet, but they have been taking all of our time as you can imagine!

One reason that M9 has not had any betas up to this point is that M9 and Informant 5 both share the exact same code/branch in our development and with the major changes in Informant 5 we have to make sure that those changes also work in Informant for macOS; finally some changes have to be finalized (such as database schema changes) before we can ship a beta to macOS users as data-loss could occur otherwise.

My persona is typically to share as much information as I can with everyone – plans, changes, thoughts, etc – but I’ve learned over the years that development timelines are about as solid as jello and people read into my comments as promises, so I’ve had to self-control my writers-tongue a little bit. Secondly, we’ve had some leaks during our beta process to competitors that have disturbed me, so I’m keeping our work pretty close to the chest this time around. As an example, I’m dying to share a teaser of Informant 5 – but I’m holding back; not yet. It has to wait.

September/October will be a very busy month for us as we go heads-down into some of the final stages of this work. We expect many of our announcements and reveals to be pretty significant, so stay tuned!