Its no secret that I’ve been working on Informant 5 for awhile now. Its still very much in-progress with a dramatically reworked … well everything. My plan for 4.74 was simply to fix bugs and make sure it worked well on iOS 9. For example I wasn’t going to support iOS 9 iPad multi-tasking because that really required major rework of the UI to properly do so.

However sometimes plans change.

First, I added 3D Touch support for the new iPhones. Then while testing in the GM version of iOS 9, I noticed that the Today widget simply doesn’t work anymore. Nothing I did made it work in fact. I was rewriting the Widget for PI 5, but I decided to bring that to PI 4.74 early. Its faster, cleaner, and you can pick what day to display data for and also filter your data (using Saved Filters).

Next, I had an epiphany on how to support iOS 9 iPad multi-tasking – its a hack to be sure and not as clean and smooth as how PI 5 does it (PI 5’s whole UI architecture is based on size-classes which is not supported on iOS 7, but is on iOS 8 and 9 while PI 4.7 is mostly “interface idioms – iPad or iPhone” which is supported on iOS 7). We don’t lose iOS 7 compatibility for the short term, but we gain a major new feature of iOS 9.

So what does this mean for you? You may have noticed we didn’t release an update of Informant for iOS 9 on release day. We didn’t because we’ve learned we need to test with as many of our signed-beta testers as possible with a major new OS before we release; and to test on Apple’s GM (final release) versions – not beta. This delay has also meant that you will get some features we didn’t originally plan…just a bit sooner.