Last year we did a survey that gave us a ton of insight into what we were doing well and what we were doing poorly. With those results we designed Informant 4 for iOS and Android, and also version 4.5 a few months later. We really took the results to heart and tried to focus on a few things we knew we could improve in the short term.

Even our long-term plans were appreciably affected by that survey – the results which we will be announcing later this year. Its a huge change to our company, products, and I think will make a lot of people happy.

For 2015 we are starting the year off with a new survey. The goal of this survey is to make sure we are on the right track. The last few releases we’ve done have been focused primarily on improving things for performance and reliability – not new features – and the upcoming Informant 4.60 for iOS will reflect that greatly. In fact, some of the things I expect to be high on the list of this survey will be resolved in 4.60.

As for features, I also know there are a few hot-button features that users have been asking us for – automatic tagging, widget filtering, and a few others. Those are important features but before we focused on those we really wanted to ensure that Informant was going to be as solid and fast as we could make it.

So here is our survey for the beginning of 2015. We appreciate it!