I grew up in New York City and loved being in the City, but when I grew up I moved to the more rural areas of Texas, and now Colorado. However once a year I’ve got to go to a big city and enjoy that life. Its in my blood. A few weeks ago I was blessed to go to New York City to see Wicked on Broadway for the first time. My parents never took me to the touristy spots of the City because “real New Yorkers” don’t go to the tourist areas. I’m nearly 38 and never had seen the Statue of Liberty up-close, or done more than passed through Times Square. Thanks to my brother-in-law who asked me to join him for this trip, we got to stay in a hotel in Times Square and I took him on a tourist tour of the city only as a native could. It was a blast!

However both of us live in Colorado so dealing with the time-zones in our reservations for several things is a pain. Thankfully I had TravelAssist™ with Informant on my iPhone! So how did it help me? Well the main thing it did was free me from having to think about trying to make sure my appointments were setup right when I traveled. Plus while I was in the City I still was on the job and so creating events for the week after I got back were set to the right timezone automatically!

It started a couple weeks before when I first setup TravelAssist with my trip (please note, the screenshot is after the fact, so its using the next release of Informant):

New York City TravelAssist

Then when I created a new event, I entered the Gershwin Theater in my location, 8pm and on September 12th and Informant automatically identified that the event was in NYC and set the time zone automatically! When I was in NYC I also had to create an event the next week at my son’s school and Informant automatically set the timezone for Denver. It was fantastic. I didn’t have to do anything at all. That’s the kind of feature that we’ve been focusing on for awhile now – and that we will be focusing on even more in future releases.

And on a closing note, here are some pictures of my trip – which was fantastic!