One area of marketing that we need to do better in is creating videos to show users how they can use Pocket Informant better than the other apps out there on iOS and Android. We have some videos we made for iOS – mostly as a help tool for support: Quick Entry, 1Password Integration – but we’d really love your help here and we’re ready to make a contest out of it! One of the problems we end up with when we try to hire people to design and develop videos. One is that many times we have a hard time finding the one or two things to show. Second is that almost always out of date by the time the months go by and its done.

We’d like to ask you – our loyal users – to create videos ideally under 1 minute long that shows what are some unique features of Pocket Informant that make you more productive. We’re not expecting professionally produced videos, though we won’t complain if you do 🙂 To sweeten the pot, we will be awarding $25 iTunes gift cards or Amazon gift cards (your choice) to the top 10 entries.

So what will we do with the videos? Feature them on our website, Twitter, and Facebook. We will also use them to see what ways we can improve the app going forward.

If this sounds interesting to you then here is what you need to know:

  1. Submit videos in the .MOV or MP4 formats please.
  2. Make sure to include your name and email address.
  3. Provide a short textual description on what PI is doing in the video to help you productivity-wise

How to make videos

For iOS, to make the video there are several options, but the best is for those using Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8 and above. Simply connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, and then open the QuickTime Player. Choose New Movie Recording, and then pick your device from the Source list. Click Record and voila! Then save the file. Here is a great tutorial.

For Android, there are a number of options and it depends on your device and OS version. This article shows a few ways.

To submit your videos, get the video and text file with the info above and zip it into one file. Then upload the submission here: [simple-wp-dropbox]