Everyone has their own way of managing things, and sorting tasks exactly to your specifications can sometimes be a bit tricky.  Some apps allow sorting by one field only (usually by date), others offer two or three levels of sorting (for example, if tasks have the same date, then sort by title). But sometimes this is not enough. So in PI3 we’ve added sorting which can work on as many levels as there are sortable properties, giving you almost endless possibilities.

If you select the Sort menu commands in task list view you will see the following:


There we have the list of all sortable properties: title, starred status, date etc. Top properties in the list have higher sorting priority. So in this image tasks will be sorted by starred status (starred tasks first), task groups with the same starred status will be sorted by date, those with the same date will be sorted by priority, and those with the same priority will be sorted by title and so on.

To change priority of sort fields you can drag them in the list (by drag trigger on the right of each line). And by tapping on  the property item you can reverse its sort order.

Why does this screen have half-transparent background? This is done so that you can immediately see the effect that rearranging sort priorities has on tasks sorting. Tasks are sorted live on the background after each change.

Note: you can find similar items sorting customization in Contacts and Notes in PI3.

Yuriy Savchenko