The next release for Informant for macOS is 1.0.3 .  This is a minor release that contains several fixes for issues that have come through support.

Version 1.03 is current available as a Release Candidate if you choose to install beta builds.  We expect to officially release it on Monday, April 16.

• Fixed issue in that could cause Evernote sync to fail with a message that Evernote wasn’t authenticated. NOTE: If you are still seeing authentication errors with your existing Evernote account, it might be necessary to remove it from Informant and then add it back to resolve this issue.
• Fixed issue in Version 1.0.2 that could cause alarms to sometimes not fire when there are “a lot” of alarms to schedule
• Fixed crash in El Capitan when making a sub task
• Fixed issue where sometimes images dragged into notes wouldn’t be preserved
• Fixes to Smart Filters with “between” style predicates
• Fixed issue where applying a template to an event might cause an invalid “Busy Status” to be set on the event
• We now default the heat map to being off for the menu bar helper
• Fixed some memory related issues and various other internal improvements
• Stability improvements


What are our priorities for the next few versions of Informant for macOS?
(subject to change – features will roll out across multiple updates)

-Tag Filtering & Saved Filters
-Manually reorder tasks on focus view
-Touchbar support
-Smart filter improvements (adding tags to smart filters)

Please let us know what you think in the comments section below. Yes, we really to read them 🙂